weight loss with max syns


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Although I've stuck to plan, I've been super hungry these past few days and have come close to maxing my syns since friday (13 syns each day).

I know I'm not supposed to go over 15 syns a day, but is it possible to eat 15 syns every day and still lose weight? I don't intend to do this, but am just curious!!!
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i think it is - otherwise they would not set the maximum to 15.

our consultant says depending on your weight you should have 8-12 a day....if you are heavier more syns can be absorbed.

just what she says though - not sure all the consultants agree on this methodology!



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we get told 10. I had 18 yesterday, because I was out on a conference during the day which meant I was presented with a limited range of food (which although healthy to someone not on SW was a bit of a nightmare) and in the evening went to a pampered chef party where the host cooked lots of lovely things and I didn't want to seem rude by not eating anything that she had spent so long making. I limited myself to one taste of everything, and host knew I was on a healthy plan so kindly asked me whether or not I wanted a goody bag with leftovers in or not. I politely declined, but I'm going for a lower syn day today in a damage limitation bid. I didn't envisage the day being that syn heavy, and was loathe to make it a flexi syn day during my first SW week, so I think I did pretty well! Time will tell if it has an effect on my weight loss. I'll be happy to come and let you know!


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I did slimming world last year and tried to eat 5 syns a day so I lost weight quicker.. This time round I've been going for 15.. admittedly only been doing it for 2 weeks but so far my weight loss has matched, if not exceeded my weight loss last time and I feel far less fed up and restricted from being on a diet (most of the time)
I plan on sticking to 15 syns indefinately, unless my weight loss slows down ridiculously. I know ppl tend to loose quite a bit in first few weeks. Having said that, as long as I loose around a pound a week long term I will probably still stick to 15 syns and take a little longer to reach target rather than trying to restrict my syns to 5 for the sake of an extra pound a week only to get fed up and pack it in again!


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When you think about it the difference between 10 syns and 15 syns is only 100 calories. Not a lot! Even saving that over the course of a week is only 700 calories and as I understand it you need a calorie deficit of 3500 to lose 1lb in weight. So try not to get too hung up on it - if you can have 15 syns a day and continue to lose at an acceptable rate then why not!


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I have almost always had 15 syns a day, sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more and I have lost all my weight doing that. Even when I neared target I did not have to cut back to lose.


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I was told have between 5-15 syns a day. I find if I restrict myself too much I'm more likely to fall off the wagon. They're there if you need them and if you don't, that's fine. Much better to lose slowly and steadily than give up somewhere down the line. I like to save some syns for weekends then I can have a drink or maybe be a bit naughty.


S: 11st10lb C: 10st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24 Loss: 1st1lb(9.15%)
Thanks for all your comments. I'll not deprive myself then. I've not had any syns today but may have some chocolate later as a treat if I feel like it!!!


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I don't understand why consultants make up their own rules! The official SW Syn allowance is 5-15 per day (with the exception of Flexible Syns). Some people could get away with more, but you shouldn't. If you're hungry you should be filling up on more Super Free and Free foods to fill you up, not extra syns.


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Yes, you can lose weight eating your 15 syns every day, I do, and I have loads of weight to lose.