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Weight loss without exercise


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Is it possible to lose weight without exercise? I'm not saying this because I feel lazy, it's because I have an ankle injury. I haven't been to a physio session in ages but last time I went, I was advised only to be walking and doing my physio exercises. She did say I could use the gym but only for 15 mins at a time and only on a treadmill. It's not really worth it to pay a £45 membership fee if I can't use the gym properly or do classes. Not that I can afford it anyway! I don't drive, so I walk everywhere, including walking to work and I walk my dog, so it's not like I never move around.
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You will lose with the the walking. But if you want to increase your met rate you really need to do cardio workout. The main thing as you say you are moving !!! and that is an important issue when it comes to any weight lose plan.

Swimming will also be good , this will be good for injury as you are not pressure/ weight bearing , as you would if you was cycling or running etc.

Phil x

Phil x


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I don't do exercise because of mobility problems, but I am losing weight, slowly I know but it is coming off, good luck to you hope your ankle will get better soon.


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It's a long story!
I tore ligaments and chipped my ankle bone. They expect I dislocated it but it snapped back into place. Unforunately, I was stubborn and thought it was fine after the initial x-ray showed no fractures. :rolleyes: I kept re-injuring it, it was already weakened because I'd broken some bones in that foot a couple of years earlier. I was referred to a consultant and he noticed the chipped ankle bone on x-ray and did an MRI. I've had cortisone injections, which helped somewhat with the pain. I'm meant to be having weekly physio but I've skipped a few weeks because I couldn't get to the clinic. :eek: I wear a rather unattractive ankle brace, which supports it but I still get a lot of pain. I want to exercise though. I want to swim and go back to aqua aerobics!
I have spoken to my brother who is qualified sports physio and he said he is suprided that you have not been allowed to swim, and build your muscle tissiue. The swimm seesions start with just gentle movement and build resistance over time. He said that this is a general treatment for this type of injury.

He siad it may be worth getting a second opinion and get an assessment and plan set up.

Phil x


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:eek: I do not do any 'prescribed' exercise. I do not swim, run, walk for fitness or go to gym or gym based classes. However, like you I walk plenty as a method of getting from A to B, I also enjoy pottering in my garden.

This diet does work in my circumstances. It wasn't very fast, I made small, regular losses, but by sticking to the plan I have lost weight - successfully :D

Since getting to target however, I have joined a hula hooping class and started cycling. Neither are to lose weight, but instead because I have found they are fun and suit what I can/will do.

Whatever my weight I will never be a gym bunny - I would rather be in a library anyday - but if you follow the plan, SW does work with or without exercise - good luck for your journey :D
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"Research has shown that the addition of three or four moderate exercise sessions a week will add weight loss to a diet in the region of one to two pounds a month."

As stated in SW body magic booklet. :eek:


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I have lost all of my weight thus far with just walking. I wlak an average of 3 -4 miles a day. It's only now that I have started resistance training for the purpose of toning. It can be done, so don't worry too much :D

It's not that I wouldn't love to go to the gym, I just don't have the childcare to do it.

I must say, like Phil I am suprised to hear you can't swim though. I am not at all qualified in that area so can't really add any more to it, but I have always considering swimming an all over body exercise without the strain you put on yourself with other workouts.

K xx

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