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weight loss

Hi there, i joined slimming world about 5 weeks ago and had my weigh in yesterday where i got my 1 stone award :) everyone said i looked great and they can all tell a difference and iv already gone down a dress size :) so id say about a stone. hope this helps!


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I think it depends on how big you are to start with AND when you start. I think i'd lost about 4 stones before anyone at work noticed, but that coincided with summer 2007 (well August ... can't say it was summer) and loads of layers finally coming off!


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People are begining to notice now I've lost 1 and a half stone, the ones I haven't seen for a while are alot quicker on the uptake! I got a size 16 skirt in asda last week as my size 18 wassliding round as I walked. The 16 is just the tiniest bit too snug across my lower belly but not by much!

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Nothing was mentioned to me before I had lost 3-4 stones. Now the compliments keep coming in and also the "you dont need to loose anymore, there'll be nothing left of you!"


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Nothing was mentioned to me before I had lost 3-4 stones. Now the compliments keep coming in and also the "you dont need to loose anymore, there'll be nothing left of you!"

ooh yeah thats annoying when you still have a stone or more too lose.

And then you get your jealous friends and sometimes family trying to get you to eat crap all the time, not cos your too thin but because they just don't want you losing anymore weight!! Frustrating


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I think it really depends a lot on how big you were to start with, and your individual body type. I started off at 19st, am now 13st 10, and people started to notice after I'd lost about four stone. Under all the blubber I have a very tiny frame though, so I think I'll have to lose another couple of stone or so before you can see a major difference.

Dress size is also an individual thing - I've gone from size 26 to size 16/18, which is actually better than I was expecting considering I'm only halfway to target.


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It's interesting how people vary isn't it. People noticed i'd lost when i lost about a stone. It's only this week that i've changed a dress size, gone from a 22 to a comfy 20, and i can do up an 18 (i.e. if it might cut off circulation to my lower extremities if i wore it for any length of time. lol)


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im the same, my collar bones n face became alot thinner during loosing my first stone and id dropped a dress size, but i can also feel my body changing so much!!!!x
"you dont need to loose anymore, there'll be nothing left of you!"
I got that yesterday when I said I had two stone left to loose, I've lost lots tummy up but its clinging around my bum and thighs, so I think thats where the 2 stone is! bought a size 14 top today (which fits nicely) and got in a size 14 jeans but they were skin tight! a bit to go yet! but yes people are noticing and did after a stone I think but I think it does vary person to person!


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I think that a dress size roughly equates to about half a stone. But it depends on where exactly you are in your weight loss, I think. The smaller sizes usually have a smaller inch difference between them than the bigger ones.

It took a few stone before I started to see any substantial results... I'm tall, though, so my frame concealed a lot of the flab initially.

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People are starting to remark now that I've lost 2 stone. I wear baggy clothes, so I don't think it was that apparent before.

My OH is really taken with my progress though and noticed much sooner!

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As I have so much to lose I was surprised when people commented after 1 1/2 stone, it was a real boost. What probably helped was I hadn't seen these people since before starting SW. I think it can sometimes take longer for the people that see you more often to notice.

I've found I have roughly dropped a dress size per stone.
Only now that I've got to target have people started to comment. But then I didn't have a huge amount to lose to start with... It is nice, though, isn't it, when people notice? xx

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