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    Hi all, just abit concerned and worried. My weight has not moved since last friday's weigh in. I have not cheated but my scales at home have not moved at all. I really don't want go to weigh in 2moro just incase I have not lost anything. Week one was brilliant and lost a stone but now worried it's not coming off. What do I do!!! My hubby says losing a stone in a week is great but cannont expect that kind of a loss every week which i don't but I still expect to lose something. So scared I will not carry on if i do not lose anything. Any comments to speed up weight loss( other than water!!!) would be good. Also wanted to ask what form of excercise I should do. aerobics or weights, I have been on my stepper this week and think maybe that has effected it. Clucthing at straws I know but am desperate. Sorry about the moan will keep u posted on 2moros weigh in.xx:cry:
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  3. liannaP

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    Hiya Bigmama,

    Im having the same problem this week. My weight is exactly the same. Im not due to get weighed until monday but by now i was expecting to see something!!! Its my TOTM next week so im wondering whether that has something to do with it? I even joined Salsa classes yesterday and have been out walking twice this week but nothing yet....... Maybe the exercise has affected us????

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    My Totm Was Last Week So Expected It 2 Effect Me Last Week Which It Didn't, But Now I Am Thinking Maybe It Is Excercise. Your Weight Losses Have Been Great And I Hope You Do Lose On Monday But Nice To Know It's Not Just Me Being Stressed About It, My Hubby Reckons I Should Throw Out My Scales!!!
  5. liannaP

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    Do you know, i think ive figured out why im not losing weight - Im actually drinking MORE water!! ha ha! For the first 2 weeks i had tonsilitis and drank barely my shakes everyday. Last week i was only getting better so drank 2.5 max a day. This week, ive been drinking 4 litres everyday!!!!!!!!!

    Im sure its the exercise....Our bodies are holding onto the muscle for dear life!! LOL!

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    lol!! IT MUST BE!!

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    About The Water I Cannot Drink 4 Litres , I Barely Manage 2 Litres A Day But I Do Try Really Hard For A Bit More But It Never Happens. I Try And Drink Black Tea And Coffee To Make It Up Aswell.
  8. Shamrock

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    I had the big loss 1st week,then two smaller losses,I had TOTM last week and I must have retained loads of water as I seem much lighter this week and the scales are moving too.Dont worry too much,it will improve next week x
  9. fattothin

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    Lipotrim 1st time
    dont trust home scales they are pants get WI as normal and take whats coming:
    weigh in in the morning-your at your lightest
    wear the same clothes- lightest ones possible
    weigh at the same time weekly-
    dont drink before WI- 1 litre of water can add 3lb
    have a poo poo if poss prior to WI
    you'll be fine, results tomorrow please;)
  10. TracyJ

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    Dont worry hun im sure it will be fine but at the end of the day we all have smaller loss weeks so dont be disheartened!! xx
  11. fifi70

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    You'll be fine, honest!!
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