weight perception


Carpe diem
Maybe it's because we lose weight relatively quickly on a VLCD but I'm still having problems with my head catching up with my changing size.

Just this morning, I was ironing a T-shirt I bought recently. I'd tumble dried it instead of hanging it out and when I held it up, it looked smaller than I remembered. 'BLAST!' I thought, 'It's shrunk in the tumble drier!' :eek:

Muttering to myself that I was going to have to wear it anyway even if it was tight, I ironed it. I had my shower and put the top on ... and it was no tighter than the last time I wore it - it hadn't shrunk at all!

I'm so used to dealing with great swathes of fabric that hang over both sides of the ironing board when I iron my clothes that I just couldn't see that the smaller T-shirt was indeed 'my size'.

I'm not complaining of course ... just making an observation about my own perception of myself. I'm obviously smaller than I think I am! :)

Debbie x
I still feel this, even a year after reaching goal. I did the same thing with a t shirt. It looked small...couldn't understand how it could have shrunk so much :confused:

I live in a constant state of amazement:)
I can second this wierd feeling. I have lost 4 stone and everyone says how much thinner I look, and I can really tell by how none of my pants fit me around the waist, but I still think that I look more or less the same.

I must have lost about 6 - 8 inches off my waistband, but it is only when I put on an old pair of workpants that I can actually see what I have lost. Really strange.

The biggest difference though is when I play squash now. I am still playing the same people that I have always played, but I can come off hardly out of breath, and I can play for much longer now without getting tired.

So even though I can't see it myself, other people can, and I am deffinently fitter, so it must be working.

Keep taking the shakes

I think most people have a distorted perception of themselves. I was talking to a friend at the weekend & she said "we are about the same size now", she is a lot slimmer than me but she would not believe it until we got the tape measure out & she is about 10cm smaller on the waist & 12cm smaller on the hips, & about a stone & a half lighter!

I definitely had problems when shopping - I couldn't pick up a 14 - I was still heading for the 20s.

Now I'm back in a 16 so if I'm not careful I'll need to be shopping for the 20s again! LOL

Lynne x