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    I've been following WW (on my own) since January (post Christmas blues!) and have lost over 3 stones. Absolutely delighted with the progress and still have about a stone to go, but I seem to have hit a plateau. Over the past 3 weeks, I seem to be staying around the same weight (losing a pound, then putting it on the next week).

    The only thing I'm doing differently is exercising more than usual, although it's not a drastic change (working out 6 times a week instead of 4). I'm not eating any more or any less than usual, and the foods I'm eating are the same too.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why things may have come to a bit of a halt, and if it happened to them, how did they push past it? I'm OK with it now, but I think if it happens for much longer, I'm going to start getting down-hearted and cheat.

    Any ideas welcome!
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    change what you're eating... If you eat the same kind of food every day your body will get into a rut... it adapts to what its getting and adjusts the metabolism to match, so you stop losing weight.

    Its also possible that the fat weight you are losing is being replaced by muscle weight..(as you are exercising more) but! more muscle requires more calories to simply exist... so eventually you will start losing again!

    Are you being as accurate as possible with pointing and measuring?

    Have you got a diary on here to show us?

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