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Weight Standstill - Help

:(:(:(:(:(:( This is seriously getting me down. As like always on the many diets I have been on I always get to a certain point of my weight and thats it, I just cannot get past this weight! The only time I have been past it was when I was on the Cambridge diet and I'm sure we all know that involves starvation so there is no surprise there! Please help, I really need a boost. I'm going away this weekend so I know I wont be able to stick to the diet that much but when I come back I really need to get this weight off as going away in November and this is my goal to get the weight down! Thanks all Xxxx
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Mrs V

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Do you have a diary on here that we can have a look at Hun??
Have you spoken with your Consultant?
Have you had a look at the other food diaries on here to give you some help?
There are ways and means to get the weight going again, so all is not lost.
Dont forget to drink plenty of water as well.

Im sorry to read that you arent loosing the weight as quickly as you want, but Im not either, the only difference is that Im happy with a slow plodding loss.
How look have you plateaued for?

Have you tried mixing up your days and eating different foods in case you have got into a routine? As they say variety is the spice of life

Are you exercising? And if so are you always doing the same thing-can you vary it a bit?

Sometimes are bodies just need that bit of time to adjust and will sts for a while. I went through this and despite sticking 100% those scales would just not budge! Also check you measurements if you have them-you may be losing inches rather than lbs.

Good luck-stick with it, you will eventually see a change
I don't go to classes as work late but stick to plan and have all the books from last time. Thing is I do have my syns each day, 1.5 litres of water a day, Hex a day and this past week and a half my weight has gone no where, up one pound then down again and I just stay the same! Its really frustrating but I'm starting to think am I just this size? I really hope not. :sigh:
i'm at that point to hun and its frustrating isn't it.
i've decided to write everything down i eat including thinks i pinched off kids and count it. also i'm gonna reduce my syns from 15 to 10 and increase my super food will let you know if it helps


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I've been at that point, too. I sts for an entire year, despite being 100% on plan. Since my losses have kicked in again, I've lost another stone in around 5/6 months, and I still seem to be losign. I know this doesn't make you feel better NOW, but if you stick on plan, and stop thinking of it a s a 'diet' you WILL lose again xxxx

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