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ProPoints weight to go - my diary!

Hi all,

I did have a food diary in here somewhere but I'll be beggared if I know where it is! So I thought I'd start a new one.

Here I can track my daily points :)

So, yesterday: 09/11/11

Breakfast : Skimmed Milk - 1pps
Smoothie - 1pps
WW Banoffee Bar - 2pps (I wasn't hungry this morning, felt really sick!)

Lunch: Turkey breast - 5pps
Salad (tomatoes, spinach, cucumber) - 0pps
Dressing - 1pps
Olives - 1pps

Dinner: My own Lasagne - 13pps
Mini Yorkshire Pudding - 1pps (don't ask, Rob wanted something extra with his food so I had one too!)
Salad - 0pps
Curly Wurly - 3pps

Any Time: 2 Wholemeal Crackers - 1pps
30g Danish Blue Cheese - 3pps
2 Crabsticks - 1pps

Total - 33pps out of 38pps / 0 Weeklies Used

I wasn't that hungry yesterday for some reason, I still feel a bit ick this morning but I'm hungry now, haha.

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OK, so here is a breakdown so far of today:

B: 2 medium eggs - 4pps (I did it from the NI, thought it would be 5pps but was 4)
WW Bread: 2pps
5g of Spread 1pps
Mushrooms 0pps
Tomatoes 0pps

L: 5 wholemeal crackers: 3pps
Turkey Ham: 2pps
20g Danish Blue 2pps
Salad 0pps
Smoothie 1pps

D: Chicken breast with peppercorn and potatoes (ready meal) : 9pps
Veg : 0pps
ES Garlic Slices x 2 - 5pps
Clementine: 0pps

I've had lots of water with sugar free squash and a bit of fizzy - 0pps

That makes it 29pps out of 38pps - so have 9 left over for whatever I fancy in the evening.

Still have 49 weeklies too.

Yesterday I broke into my Weeklies for the first time!

B: 2 eggs - 4pps
WW bread - 2pps
Smoothie - 2pps
Spread - 1pps

L: Soup (BNS and tomato) - 0pps
Dolcalette Cheese (20g) - 2pps
WW Caramel Whip Bar - 2pps
(Extra for stock cube) - 1pps
Apple - 0pps

D: Leek and Mushroom Gnocchi - it is supposed to serve four, I had one third of it and there was left overs, but I pointed it as if it was half - 17pps
ES Garlic Slices - 5pps
Wine: 17pps

TOTAL: 53/38pps
WEEKLIES: I have 34 left.

Feel guilty for eating over my points, but guess that is what weeklies are for!



Doing it this time!
Hi, subscribing to your diary. BTW I've noticed you've put 2pp's for WW bread is that for 1 slice? Coz it's 1pp for 1 slice and 3pp for 2 slices:)

Mrsm79 - I eat the wholemeal bread, so it's 2pps for one slice :)

Jamiesmummy - I did WW successfully last year and lost five stone, but combination of ill health and stress meant I put 3.5 of that back on - am trying my hardest and been on it two weeks, and have lost 9lbs so far xxx

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