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  1. BobtailUK

    BobtailUK New Member

    Hi - I started Weight to Go program on Sunday and so far like everything I've eaten. Got a lot of weight to lose (around 6 stones) and wondered if there was anyone else out there who was just starting or could give me some advice. I bought the 4 weeks pack and am looking forward to seeing good results by the end of the time. :) Will update posts on Monday morning with weight loss for the week (hopefully loss!!!)
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  3. shaba

    shaba Full Member

    Good luck BobtailUK. Am seriously considering Weight To Go so will be following your thread carefully!! shaba x
  4. veedubrach

    veedubrach Member

    I started weight to go on Monday. How are you getting on?
    I've been very hungry most of the time.
    Also, as a veggie the meal options are very limited.
    However, I have more or less been able to stick to it. I did have to have a piece of toast in desperation yesterday instead of the afternoon shake.
    I'm going to come of the plan at weekends, but still stick to 1000 cals a day.
    I'm hopeful that I can stick to it for a while and would be interested to know how anyoneelse who has tried it is getting on.
  5. shaba

    shaba Full Member

    Hi Bobtail.
    How have you got on??? Hope you had a good week...
  6. shaba

    shaba Full Member

    Hi veedubrach. I'm also vegetarian which is the one thing that's putting me off Weight To Go - not enough choice for us veggies!!! Hope you're feeling less hungry.
  7. veedubrach

    veedubrach Member

    Well I lost 6lbs in the first week and am delighted!
    I didn't follow the plan at weekened, and ate about 1000 cals of other foods.

    I emailed them about veggie food and they are introducing another veggie meal in the next couple of weeks.

    I have also made some veggie stew, with nothing but veggie and weighed that into 300g portions as a substitute.

    I'm getting a but more used to the MUCH smaller amounts of food. Hopefully the first week was the worst. But with that kind of weight loss I'm not complaining. It'll be interesting to see how it evens out.... I have a loooong way to go though!
  8. shaba

    shaba Full Member

    Well done - 6lbs is a fantastic loss!!!! Glad to know they're adding another veggie meal aswell.
    Keep going - onwards and downwards!!!!!
  9. BobtailUK

    BobtailUK New Member

    Hi everyone - I lost 6 lbs last week and am really pleased. As I said before I liked most of the food (I bought the standard box). I did feel a bit hungry at first but that went away after a few days. I did also go out for a meal at the weekend so did not stick to program 100%.

    See what happens next week.
  10. shaba

    shaba Full Member

    Excellent Bobtail - 6lbs loss is great - well done!!!!
  11. veedubrach

    veedubrach Member

    I'm starting to struggle now. At lunchtime today, I just didn't want soup! I just wanted a sandwich!!!
    And I had salad for dinner with 1/4 of an avacado and a poached egg. I just wasn't in the mood for another packet meal.
    The next few days are going to be ticky as I'm out a lot.... this is going to be tough!
  12. veedubrach

    veedubrach Member

    week 2 was a total disaster! I had 3 birthday meals that I had to go to, so fell off the wagon completely!
    So I'm going to call this week 2.....

    For anyone trying weight to go, a few tips...
    add a small handful of frozen summer fruits to the strawberry shake
    add a few drops of orange or mint essence to the chocolate shakes
    don't even try the banana shakes!
  13. veedubrach

    veedubrach Member

    3.5 lbs this week... not bad!
    Still going strong on WTG, but had the weekend off and was a bit too naughty at a wedding.
  14. Hefzibah

    Hefzibah New Member

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    Hi, guys,

    Thanks to vee for pointing me in the right direction!

    I've just finished the first six days on WTG - was a bit disheartened over the weekend, as lost the will to live and ate a piece of bread - but so far have lost 7lbs, which has given me a kick up the backside to stick with it.

    I'm struggling with the shakes - I don't have a very sweet tooth at all - and not being allowed to eat more fruit and veg, as I usually eat masses. But the food itself is delicious - it tastes home-made, though I have started using much smaller dishes so I think I'm eating more. Portion control was one of my problems, though, so it's probably just as well.

    I don't find I'm getting hungry, but I do get twitchy when I'm at home: though I have got into bad habits about eating when I'm bored and not when I'm hungry, so that has to stop anyway, no matter what!

    My mother is a therapist, and she says it takes six weeks to get rid of a bad habit or get into a new one, so I figure I'll stick as best I can with WTG for six weeks, and then see where I am (I ordered four weeks, as there was a 2+2 deal). Goodness knows something has to change, as I've been eating myself into an early grave.

    I notice there's some veggies out there worried about the lack of choice - they have brought out some new veggie options in the last week or so: might be worth taking another look?

    Good luck to you all, anyway! And thanks again to vee for sending me this lifeline :)

  15. Hefzibah

    Hefzibah New Member

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    Oof, I agree - the banana tastes like those foam banana penny sweets: I'd bet it's never been close to a banana. the only way I can stomach it is by freezing it first. As a shake, it's vile!
  16. veedubrach

    veedubrach Member

    Wow! 7lbs is loads! Well done.

    I cheated a couple of time and had a small amount of bread. But I am getting so much more used to this diet now.

    I really do want to stick at it. The way it is so regimented is good for me. But I'm going to keep doing it 5 days a week and then eat 1000 cals at weekend of normal food.... or I think I'll go insane. I had freddo choccy bar yesterday, and it was sooooooooooo good!

    I've just received some vanilla shakes, but not tried them yet. I'm in such a routine of strawberry for breaky with some berries, chocolate in the afternoon with a drop of mint essence then either in the eve.

    I tried the two new veggie meals today. The chickpea one was so spicey I had to bin it ( but I am a wimp!). So I had the root veg casserole and it was pretty good.

    I'm pleased to see other people trying this at the same time as me. We can keep each other going.

  17. LJWill-BeSlim!!

    LJWill-BeSlim!! Silver Member

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    Slim & save
    Ooo, this sounds good, is there a web site? :) x
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  19. veedubrach

    veedubrach Member

  20. veedubrach

    veedubrach Member

    Is anyone else still doing this? I've lost 22lb so far, but am deviating from the diet a bit by making some of my own recipes.
  21. Verity999

    Verity999 Member

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    Weight to Go
    Is anyone still doing this diet. I ordered my first box yesterday and wondered how you were all getting on?
  22. slim4son

    slim4son Full Member

    Hi guys just wondering how you are all doing ordering my meals to start week mon and can't wait especially as I nearly went for having a band fitted xxx
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