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Weight watcher chips

Yes, unfortunately so :( It's the first thing you notice when u start propoints, how much heavier in points things seem. For instance a medium jacket potato (think it's 225g size?), weighed when cooked is 8pp, on old points probably 3-3.5pts. Half a 400g tin of beans is 5pp, old points 2.5..... You do eventually get used to it though, and will stop eating so much of the heavily pointed stuff - I don't eat jacket potatoes and beans now, even if it is healthier, lol!
Leeboy said:
I am going to switch over to the pro points diet at the weekend but I have noticed that weight watcher chips are 5 points per portion but on the old points they were just 2, is this right only it seems a bit high to me especially as I would want 2 -3 portions. Thank you
It's all the same leeboy as you get a larger number of propoints than you used to get in points on the old system so it pans out the same. Best if you forget the old system or you will get confused.. Good luck!


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i understand what you mean but on pp im on 47 a day! now a double portion of chips for 10pp isnt really going to ruin my budget. if this seems too much for you then find another brand for less pp's.
I think you should find an alternative to WW chips, as ive heard other brands are less points for same/more amount :)

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