Weight watchers on a budget.


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I think you can. You don't have to buy weight watchers branded foods, but if you want to then Iceland and Asda sell them for quite cheap.

Otherwise buy plenty of fresh fruit and veg and other items from the filling and healthy list (foods in green on WW website), that'll keep you going!


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i personally think so, for the past year, ive done weight watchers at home, weighed in each week at same time (which saves on class fee's ect) logged on here for the support or ww online community forum.

im not a great cook, i have a lot of weight watchers products and morrisons NuMe stuff. WW meals at iceland are only a pound each, get stocked up with veg to bulk them up (frozen is cheaper) and lots of soups. for lunch, yogurts / fruit. easy peasy xx


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I personally find ww easy on a budget especially if your coming over from sw. I constantly switch between the plans but always find I spend more on sw. Reason being with ww you can point anything but with sw I tend to look for the 'free' foods which usually mean branded and more expensive. I very rarely buy ww products apart from the yogurts which are often on offer and a lot of the supermarket healthier versions have pp on them already.

Let us know what you decide and good luck :)

Dan x


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I am finding WW suiting my pocket...

I am on a limited budget

Spend less on WW than I did on SW, but that's just me.

Be good to hear how other people fare...



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You can get a lot of ww products in Iceland and £1 shops, which is always good...


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Im a student and WW is the business for budget conscious

There are always deals in local shops (euro shops and dealz) on WW things as well as super markets
and I've read on here that there are similar pound saver shops in UK with deals on WW


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Hey michdea41

I think WW is possible on a budget.
I'm currently on budget too, so have decided to do WW at home.

As mentioned above, you can find loads of bargains.
Today I went to my local freezer shop (Heron Foods) and bought 6 meals for £1 each, and 6 packs of (2) for £6 (they were £1.25 each or 3 for £3).

And of course, as said before, you don't have to buy WW food, you can just point anything you've already got lying around.

I hope your weight loss journey goes well. Good luck!


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I find WW really flexible and as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be! You can buy extra lean mince, chicken breasts etc and split them into pointed portions ready for cooking and then freeze them. That's what I do, I write how many points on the freezer bag so I know what I'm doing all the time. The morrisons nume stuff is great and already pointed for you and most fruit/veg is free. Loads of WW stuff in Poundland if you fancy a treat


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Thank you or all your comments. I have joined Weight watchers. Its my first week so will let u know how I get on.