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Weight watchers Pro points

You really get used to it! It was murder in 1st few weeks...I wish I knew points for EVERYTHING! But keep at it and before long you will be like a walking weight watchers bible!

Quick rule of thumb I have found invaluable is take the calories of a food and divide by 40 and then round up to be on safe side e.g. Quavers = 99 calories = 3pp's :)...This really saved me time round the supermarket to make quick sensible choices, I always then work out official pro=points when home x
yeh i've made lists and lists of all the pro points of food to make it easier to reference but have ordered a calculator off ebay to make it easier when i'm shopping or trying new things :) you definitely end up with pro points on the brain but get used to pretty quickly :) I also found that when i fell off the wagon a couple of times it was easy to just pick it up again. good luck i'm sure you'll do great :)
I'm with you, i started yesterday and the leader whizzed through the calculating wheel and although i asked her to tell us again and she did i still feel like i'm doing it wrong.....

However, i am going to use the booklet provided to do a spreadsheet that i can use as a quick reference (i hope).

Is the calculator you buy easy to use?

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