WeightWatchers and student life- a recipe for disaster?

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  1. missyemily

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    Hey Everyone
    my name is missy!! im 20 and currently a 3rd year student at uni
    To be quite frank university life is starting to catch up with me! lots of drinking and take aways! Ive tried slim fast previously and it was so hard but managed to stick to it for a month (just)

    however i ended up stuffing my face with food and putting weight back on - plus some extra. I heard about weight watchers from my housemate, and it sounds great as you can use points in a flexible way (ideal for nights if want a few drinks?)

    Anyway today was my first day, im allowing myself 20 points per day. Have decided to not attend meetings purley because they are expensive :( damn student life !!

    Day one 27th:
    2 crumpets toasted with 1 teaspoon of honey yum yum
    4 points
    Chili and 60g rice made from ww web site
    8 points
    with salad/toms and frozen steamed veg bag (carrots green beans and peas)
    1 point for the peas?
    Weight watchers milk and white choc mousse desert
    2 points
    cup of tea with dash of milk
    1 point
    Low calorie Jelly
    few glasses of diet coke

    total points 16
    saved points -4

    Please feel free to comment as im not sure my points are accurate.

    Im meant to be going out tomorrow night so i hope i can keep to ww and use my saved points!! ill let you know
    missy xxxx
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  3. Starlight

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    Weight Watchers
    Welcome to Minimins.

    You said youd allowed yourself 20 points a day??? Is that how many you should be on???
  4. blackwidow

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    points look pretty accurate to me :) like said above.. have you defo calculated your points correctly - you havent just decided you'll be on 20 have you?

    also, just for future.. if you do find you struggle with your points, then its worth looking at what you're eating for breaky - for 4 points you could have 60g shreddies and 1/2pt skimmed milk instead of those crumpets, and it'll definitely keep you fuller for longer :)

    (not saying you cant have crumpets - had some myself this morning :D but its worth thinking about if you do find you struggle.. especially if you're trying to save some points for going out :) )

  5. katiexxx

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    Yeah I agree, you def need to work out the points you should be on, will help you in the long run!

    Also a dash of milk in tea wouldn't be 1 point unless it was whole milk!

    You can have have a pint of skimmed milk for 2 points or half a pint of semi skimmed for 2 points!

    Also crumpets usually tend to be around 1 point each, depending on the calories. Might be worth investing in a weight watchers calculator to help you point your food!

    Good Luck!
  6. emmabombemma

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    hey missy, im Emma and im a third year student at uni too, and i have also embraced the student life a bit too much lol! i find bringe drinking then pizza shop on the way home does not a small waist equal hahaha. what are you studying? good luck with your weight loss! x
  7. omnomnom

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    Im a student too, so hey! Didnt realise there where many students on here. Im only in my 2nd year and live at home. I dont drink either so i dont struggle with that side of things. Although its a bit boring and anti -scoial. As is being on a diet in general! *sigh* :cry:

    I find the hours and the temptation of greggs and other quick stuff thats all around uni the worst problem. I like to cook a meal in the middle of the day which i cant when i have full days. I realy struggle with comfort eating when stressed with work. How do you cope with that?

    Also you can get crumpets which are 1 point, i think the warburtons ones are but check all the pack for the lowest ones. I have them with marmite and no butter as its just melts. yummy.
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