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Weightwatchers food shocker!!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Whilst shopping last night, I thought about getting some low fat snacks just to curb the sweet cravings that I sometimes get, so I headed towards the weightwatchers food and OMG!! I was stunned!! Out of all the WW biscuits and cake slices etc, the only ones that were of any good to me were the Lemon cake and carrot cake! I was stunned at the chocolate rolls and biscuits! I thought that with them being WW, they would at least be half decent! Some of the "normal" cakes were better fat wise. I also had a sneeky look at the fat content of a grab bag of chocolate buttons,:eek::eek::eek: let's just say what was once a snack that could have been missed off any food dairy will never pass my lips again!!

Instead, i've stocked up with muller light yoghurts, the ones with the chocolate in!! Fat - 0.5g per 100g cal 51 (pot size 165g) MUCH BETTER AND VERY GOOD TOO!!
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It's a good think I like carrot and lemon cake..ergh...but some chocolate would be niiice...thanks!!


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That is shocking, but I've always known that although WW is better calorie-wise, the fat content isn't helpful for us taking Xenical. I always stick to iced gems or pink'n'whites for my sweet treats :)
i buy the ww foods, i find there meals arent too bad but ends up being very expensive but theres not many options here in new zealand, there fruit biscuits are also very low in fat
i have the cereal, meals, tuna, etc and find there working finally
What types of fish are we allowed to eat while on Xenical...because I was told a lot of fish is oily and theres only so many...?
I know what you mean over the ww cakes. If you're near a tesco look at their lighter choices cakes only 0.7g fat per slice. I recommend the cereal bars as well. It's amazing how much fat go-ahead ones have
Oh cereal bars!! That's another thing to add to my list! :) Aww..maybe more white fish? I'll have to look into it.


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Oily fish is good for you because of the omega 3 oils in it. They say we are supposed to have a couple of portions of this a week, mackerels/sardines in a tin on toast or in a salad are yummy, but of the top of my head, I'm not sure of the fat content. I can't imagine it's good for xenical though.

White fish is good, cod haddock, finney haddock for a bit more flavour, seabass is my favourite, done in a pan with frylight and lemon juice. With a salad it's yummy!! Keep an eye on the fish counters at your local supermarkets for bargains. I've had monkfish, swordfish and allsorts of fish at unbelievable prices. I don't mind paying peanuts for food I've never tried before, it's not a lot wasted if I don't like it!
That's truue...I just know that it's oily and thought that probably would be a horrible outcome afterwards. Lol. I think I'll try though..Maybe I'll ask them in the shop which is the least oily or something. Haha.
Today's shopping discovery, ww crisps only 0.3G fat per bag and 70cals. They're like hula hoops but better for u. On offer in tesco Β£1 multi-pack. Just thought id share.
Try River cobbler or Tilapia. White fish without bones. It's lovely done in tinfoil in the oven with a bit of lemon juice.

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