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Weightwatchers online or meetings??


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Hi Loz

For me it's classes everytime. I can't stick to it without the discipline of being publicly weighed every week.

But a lot of people are successful online too - so it's whatever suits you really.



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I do go to classes, i tried without but really struggled

I have done the monthly pass but not activated it yet so havent seen what online has to offer but i agree if i wasnt going to classes i woudnt bother there is enough on the net :D


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I dont do either, just plod along on my own! Been working well for me tho, as soon as Will power goes tho I will be at class! :)
I guess it depends on how honest you can be with yourself and how motivated you are.

If you think you can stick to the diet and weigh yourself each week and be honest about what you eat, then online is fine - and you can get all the support you need from here so you don't need the class for that.

If, on the other hand you can't be honest (like Me!) then go to a class - there's nothing like knowing you have to be weighed at the end of a week to keep you on track!

Good luck with whatever you decide!
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i did it on line for a while and did ok with it, but when i went on holiday i didnt have the dscipline to get myself back on it so i did join a class. am going it alone now tho, have all the info i need in the books and ther's so much support on here that it just unture
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On that public weighing thing - I got my OH to weigh me when I was doing W8 and that worked a treat....first time he had ever seen how much I weighed at the start so it was a really good incentive. It was more worrying facing him than any class leader and he didn't charge me ;)

Online stuff is not worth the money though. So if you are going to need discipline, it would be classes for me too. x
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It all depends on your attitude to this and your motivational levels. If you have no problem sticking to diets and have a lot of self discipline, will power and motivation I would say go it along and follow Starlights advise- just pick up the eating out guide, shopping guide a points calculator - get yourself a A5 notepad to use as your food diary and off you go! You've always got Minimins 24 hours a day to help you on your journey.

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