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Weird question...

Anyone else getting these weird calls that start off with a fog horn and then there's this pre-recorded message starting with something like 'this is your captain speaking...' It's something about free cruises.

Obviously it's a scam but it wouldn't let me hang up! I put the phone down and it was still on the line, I even put the phone down for about 30 secs and then tried again and it was still talking about some b****x.

Just wondered if anyone else has had this as I am getting called regularly and it's really starting to p**s me off!

I would call Virgin Media but I'm not sure they can do anything as I hit 1471 and it said no number had been stored! :mad:
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i would definatly call virgin media
tell them it was the last call that came in and they will be able to get the number and hopefully block it

good luck babe

let us know how you get on
Will do now then hun. Thanks :)
Well I just phoned VM and they said there's nothing they can do about it and that the only numbers that they can block are withheld numbers. WTF?!

Not impressed...
defently wanna phone supplier let us know how we go
Just did hun and they said they can't do anything. Useless. :(


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I've had some pre-recorded message ones, it's people from the US cold calling who just call you and play a message in the hope that you'll respond, I keep getting someone offering me cheap loans! there's not much they can do as the come in and break out once in the UK so it just appears as a normal number, apparently it's worse in America. The only thing I put it down to is I bought something from the US and it's started since then. Annoying!
Well I'm already ex-directory so never get sales calls anyway. She said the only thing she can do is block withheld numbers which I don't want to do because for some weird reason sometimes my grandparents number is withheld and I don't want my grandmother to not be able to get hold of me. Bloody irritating.


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I'm ex-directory too, but I guess because I ordered something and put my number on it, who's to say that they can't call you. I'm also in the Telephone Preference Service but as they're recorded messages you can't speak to them!!!! I've hung on, pressed some buttons got an operator and they just hang up on you.
Yeah, I'm looking into in online now and a lot of people have (stupidly) given credit card details over the phone and been promised tickets in the mail but have realised after being hung up on (but being told they were being transferred to another department of course) that the company hadn't even taken their address. Disgusting.
You're gonna get a slap...


Says it as it is!!!
I get them too hun ... nightmare!
I have an answering machine full of em!
I joined the list that is supposed to take you off the cold calling register and make it illegal for people to call you...but still get these... i am also a VM customer! I am sure its them and they charge us for the calls .... hehe!!
We get 1 a day now and it always tells me I have won a holiday!

Funny that the tickets never arrive though :)

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