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Welcome to all the newbies


taking it 1 day at a time
Just thought I'd start a post to welcome all you newbies, you seem to be popping up on other threads and I'm sure I will have missed welcoming some of you so

You've all made a very good choice and I wish you all the best.

Onwardsn and downwards........................
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Thanks Gina

Looking forward to my journey hoping to lose about a stone in a month.got everything crossed.
I read lots of posts on here before I decided which VLCD to do, exante appealed on price, its more natural and the fact that the only person I have to answer to is myself .
Well I'm on day 2 now and having a few ups and downs the biggest one today has been my husband as he has joined me on this plan and will not shut up about food. Finding the packs better than I thought they'd be so here's to another successful day tomorrow.


taking it 1 day at a time
Hope you and your dh are very successful piggy. My hubby is very athletic and can eat whatever he wants, lucky so and so. Somehow that makes it more of a challenge, he thinks nothing of making toasted teacakes and eating chocolate in an evening. Makes it difficult to resist. Hope you spur each other on. Just remember its not a competition. You'll both have good weeks and bad weeks and he'll probably lose faster than you.


Still Motivated
I would like to add my welcomes too. I am not near a pc during the weekends for a few months and my internet time during the weekday evenings is very very limited due to my compressed working hours so my posting time will be restricted and I know that I will not always have the time now to welcome everyone individually, especially as the board has suddenly got quite active.
But I do read every post eventually so please consider yourselves all welcomed, if not on paper via my thoughts. ;)

Love Myr xxx
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Mistress of the Dark
Hey just thought I would pop on and say hello.

I'm hoping to start Exante in June. Just waiting for my tax rebate to come through as I am only a poor student haha!

I have a lot to lose, about 9st so it will be a long journey. I can't wait to get started!!!

I lost 7st on Cambridge last year but have gained it all back except for a stone. My fault, as I didn't come off it properly and just started eating how I did before. This time I am going to do it properly!

I have tried all the healthy eating diets including SW, WW, Atkins and I can't stick at any of them so it's back to the only thing that works for me, a VLCD.

I look forward to sharing my first loss with you all :D

Gem x


taking it 1 day at a time
Welcome elvira, June will soon be here, hope you are successful this time around. Good luck.
Good luck Elvira. June isn't far away so I look forward to reading your posts when you get started. I've only just started on Exante - third day now - like you lost weight last year and put it all back on going back to my bad habits. Not this time! Have holiday middle July and my mini goal is to get 2 stone off by then. Fingers crossed.


Can anybody tell me how long it takes new threads to appear from a new user? Mine doesn't seem to be on over an hour later. Thanks!

I'm not sure I am in the right place but I started Exante for the first time yesterday, after previously losing 2 1/2 stone on LL and failing spectacularly to stick to CD for more than 2 days

Welcome Carly, come and join on the forum below, we would love to be there for you as you will no doubt be needing a bit of support and we are there for you. feel free to start a thread introducing yourself.
I will start a thread for you if you want and you just take it from there. The 1st few days are the worst as you probably know and believe me this is not like your regular counselling session where you listen to how people have cheated in the last week or have to listen to people you do not want to, this forum is one of a kind and no one judges you, you can rant all you want, speak your mind and we will be there when the time are tough or just there even times are good. We care all in the same boat
Yes, good luck Carly
ask us anything (and we cover just about all topics)

we've been there, and we can usually help

hi - just about to start exante. Lost about 2 stone a few years ago, and I've been watching it horribly creep back!!!!!

I've never done VLCD before - what would you say the worst things are for me to look out for? I understand I could feel a bit yuck?
Hi Suziemo, first of all welcome to this forum and to the world of Exante.

Right, the worst thing is probably going to be hunger pangs for the 1st few days, the next will be the cravings for food when ever you smell or see it, if you can get past both of those you will fine. Next will be the horrible taste in your mouth, remember you are not putting food in so you taste buds are not really being stimulated. Next will be the bad breath once you go into Ketosis, if you do not know what ketosis is check the forum, the are a few topics about it or just google it.

You might get light headed, feel sick or get a headache for the 1st few days, the most important thing to remember is, DRINK BETWEEN 2 AND 4 LITRES A DAY. You must keep drinking fluids or you will feel even worse.

Right after all that negativaty, the positives far out weigh the negatives, you will lose weight quickly and healthily, your measurements will drop quickly and that is the point of the exersise.

If you want you should join our forum, introduce yourself and you will be welcomed with open arms. This forum is full of people who are both inspirational and motivational and will try to get you through the bad days and will be there to share in the good days. Oh and 1 other thing, you are not a scaleoholic are you?

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