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I would like to congratulate Karen on her first week on cd and for losing 10lbs, Well done mate, at this rate we will be in our bikinis in time for the summer .....eh!

lol. i do hope so sonkie & thanks bud. let me have some plastic surgery on all the loose skin first though otherwise i'll make all the kids cry
Well done Karen!!!
thank you karion!
U feeling more determined now ? We just got back from aikido and did boys a sandwich each, I was millimetres away from a slice of ham trying to jump in my mouth, I resisted and quickly made my chicken soup.......Im so proud of myself.

Oh Well done Sonkie!

The more you resist, the easier it gets :)
i have just been in a near-cashew nut accident. i almost accidentally ripped open the pack and stuffed the ruddy lot in my gob!

luckily I havent had all my packs so am sitting here with a hot cuppichino shake.

I hate christmas. too much temptation lol
he just got home and as I havent cooked for him, hes making himself a late dinner.

so i have at least 10 more minutes before he grabs the laptop from my weak grip lol