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well here i go :D

Hello all this is my diary now as you can see i have a little way to go just a little bit lol.

At 238lb my weight is fueling my depression soooo i decided to do something about it. Picked up some ali from tesco today, going to sw on Thursday for the first time :O and my gp has actually referred me to a exercise program and that should be sorted in about a month ^_^

I'm no stranger to dieting and well i dont really want to go into more right now but we shall see how it goes eh?

I have my little trampoline, my kick box thingy, a stepper, an assortment of exercise dvds and in may i will have a wii and a balance board.

So NO excuses, i;ve lost weight before, i need to stop being so self destructive.

Love and light Purple :D
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Heya best of luck, you seem to have a good support network with sw and your gp so that's good.
Best wishes.
Well having a think i do see this as my goals really.

Goal 1 : loose at least 8lb over feb
Goal 2 : Fit back into my size 18 trousers comfortably
goal 3) Time for size 16
Goal 4: Be a top shop size 14 by may 27th(this is my main goal atm lol)

I think those 4 are good to go with to start with i'm not sure how much weight that will mean lost as i will also put my body fat content down as i have a plan of physical activity and i know that will cause weight gain(because of muscle tissue) but fat loss but i do eventually wish to get down to a size 8-10 again. I think i can do it and stick it this time :D

I would like to be said size 14 by the end of may when i go away for 5 days as it would be great to feel more confident in that respect rather then hiding away behind baggy clothing. So yes My goal edited, size 14 by end of may >_<
Good luck. Slimming World is great. I am glad the group is lovely.
Well so far so good on day three of sw and still wayyy on track so cant complain and not missing the crud either. My digestion is suffereing a bit so scan bran was had today(as a HEX) help with fiber intake. Ben filling my food diary and my FIT log religiously. Now i need to walk into town and have a planed 15 mins of trampoline when i get back.

Small manis at his annys so i can get some uni work done and also get some body magic done. Will see how sw helps me cope with stress(as i;ve always been a bit of an emotional eater) when it comes to collect my last essay results and handing in the new one.

Am so tempted to get a sneeky peek at the weight on boots today, but also i need to find out my body fat percentage too ^_^
Thank you lisa.

Well slimming world is still going on nicely. Didnt take a sneaky peek in the end lol. Will try and hold on till thursday :D

Currently feeling really sluggish and well have a very sore tummy. I either need more water or i need to fidn a replacement for the dairy. As i'm eating more dairy per day now and i think its doing something to my stomuch. Cant consume soya(as it makes me sick), so might go find some oat milk or some lactofree milk and yogs(though i doubt they will be syn free)

Going to go get some water down me and heat my dinner up.

Hope everyone is doing well love and light Purple

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