Well...I am back on LT. Now on day 9


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Monday 30th November

Hi everyone.

I don't know if there is anyone here still that remembers me from before.

Briefly, lost loads of weight on LT, kept it off until health problems during the summer and I am now up about half a stone! I know its nothing major, and I have been trying to stop the gain in its tracks but nothing seems to be working. Have been to SW, and lost a grand total of half a pound in 4 weeks! Ok I didn't gain anything, but its just that I would have liked to lose a little more during that time. I have been careful with what I have eaten, but it seems something has gone wrong and I feel my only way forward is to break the attachment to food again. So I am off to see my local Chemist to pick up a couple of weeks supply of LT to get kick-started and back on track. I think I will need to SS for about 4 weeks to get the weight off and hopefully down to just under 10 stone.

I intend to post a daily diary, which is something I haven't done before, so that I can track my progress and log how I feel. Hopefully this will get me through the first 2 - 3 bad days.

I hope to have any support and comments you are willing to offer.
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Still Monday.

I am going to have a shower, then head off to the Chemists (only a 60 mile round trip!) There is one local to me who does LT, but the Chemist I go to is lovely (young, tall, dark and handsome!) and we have a good relationship regarding LT. He will send it to me by post if I need it, but I like to go and see him at least initially, so he knows I am OK.
Tuesday 31st October

Packs collected, but a terrible drive up there and back through fog and rain. But it was worth it!


Day One. Well nothing to report yet really, in fact just got up! Having a coffee, but have a busy day ahead so that will help. Will post later when I have something more interesting to say.
Day one for me so far, so good. Have had a headache this afternoon, and taken painkillers (need quite strong ones) and now I am as high as a kite! So....some benefit there then. I still have one shake to go, which I will have whilst hubby is eating his steak and ale pie! I only like two flavours of the LT, vanilla and chocolate, so I add coffee to them sometimes for a little bit of change, so I then get 4 choices. They only do 3 shakes, one soup (laughingly called "chicken") and two flapjack thingys which are not much better than carpet tiles. So my alternative choice is limited really. But at least I have two I can fiddle about with.

I have a huge (and I mean huge) tin of sweeties for the trick or treaters. If they don't all go tonight I will give them to hubby to take into work tomorrow for the "lads" to eat. They won't take long to get through what is left over.

I must admit though, I shouldn't really be on SS as my BMI is in the healthy range. I was going to do CD as they have a better choice, but I wouldn't be allowed to SS, so decided to go back to my friendly chemist. He let me have 2 weeks and a box of ketostix for £55, so was quite pleased with that little bargain - every little helps. My argument would have been that if I didn't SS to get these last few pounds off, I would soon be over the healthy BMI and would have to SS anyway. But I didn't need to fight my corner to get the packs.

Well, that's a quick update. Its a beautifully clear evening here at the moment, so will soon have some snarly griblets knocking on the door!
Weds 1st November

Day two almost done and dusted. Headache not too bad at all really, seemed to have slipped back in OK at the moment, hope it continues like this. Not in ketosis yet, but I usually take a few days to get there. My only concession is to have a bit of milk in my first coffee of the day, I just can't face black coffee that early. Have always done this, and had no problems with weight loss before, so I hope it will be the same this time around.
Thursday 2nd November

Well I have just weed on a stick and I am not yet in ketosis, but.....

Whoo hoo, just had a sneaky weigh on the scales and I have lost 4lbs already! OMG! Only started Tuesday. I am well pleased, only 15 more to go!

Have just had a sudden rush of energy! Ketosis must be looming.

Put washing out on the line as its a beautiful sunny day here in Cornwall.

Stripped the beds and put them on to wash.

Sorted out what was in the tumble drier and put that away/into pile for ironing (later methinks!)

Sorted out summer clothes to put away into the roof until next year (boo hoo!).

Tackled the shoe cupboard and took out all old slippers and threw them away, put sandals into black bag to go up into the roof.

Sorted out hubby's summer work clothes and bagged them up for the roof.

Thinks hubby is going to be busy tonight putting said bags up into the roof.

Just have to make up the beds again now, and then pick washing in when dry.

Very domestic or what?

Quite a boring post really, sorry guys, but thought I would post it as it would make me feel like I have achieved something today!
Friday 3rd November

Start of day 4 for me - yay! Things going ok here at the moment, still glugging the water and hoping to be in ketosis today. Will check in a mo when I pop to the loo.

Beautiful day here again today, sun shining but cold.

I am hoping to pop out to meet a friend later for a black coffee/water, but she might not be free, just waiting to hear from her. If not, then it will be the ironing for me - so hope she calls.

Well just did a check and I am into ketosis - hooray. Am I tempting fate by saying it has been so easy this time, very little headaches just a bit of a dry mouth despite glugging loads of water.

I am having my first shake of the day, vanilla with a bit of instant coffee in, yum.

I am making sausage rolls for hubby later, they will smell delicious I know, but he can't suffer just because I am SSing. He had beefburgers with cheese last night and I had my shake I just sat there drooling, the smell lingered all evening.

Oh well, sorry, another boring post, but it keeps me sane and hopefully on the straight and narrow. Had another sneaky weigh and I am down another pound, so now 10.10, only 14lbs to go whoo hoo. Hoping to do it over the next 4 weeks, so fingers crossed. Then I will be able to go into re-feeding and hopefully maintenance for Christmas.
Today 4th November

Well, start of day 5 for me, all going well so far. Had a headache last night which meant I couldn't get off to sleep very well, so took some painkillers and waited for it to go. Was up 5 times in the night for the loo too!

Made hubby's sausage rolls and the smell was divine, but didn't give in to temptation!

Once again, a gorgeous day here in sunny Cornwall.

Have a busy day planned today. Getting on with the decorating - hall stairs and landing. We have to take up and replace tiles in the hall, and put in new banisters. Won't get it all done this weekend, but will be able to make a start once hubby comes home at lunchtime. He has tomorrow off, so hopefully can get quite a bit done.

Haven't weighed today, and don't think I will now till Mon/Tuesday. I picked up two weeks worth from the Chemist and he doesn't weigh me, so I have to go by my own scales. Tuesday morning will be one full week, so will probably wait till then.

Hope everyone has a great weekend planned.

Well that's my diary up to date so far!
Hi cherly,

Great to see you and your full of energy and going good.

Good luck with your weigh in on Tuesday.

Love Mini xxx
Sunday 5th November

Well start of day 6 for me, and all is going well. Been and done the grocery shop for hubby for the week, he's always so supportive when I am SSing and will eat anything I buy for him, is even prepared to cook it for himself!!! I don't mind cooking for him, its never been a problem when I am on this mad diet. My only problem is feeding him too much, I keep offering him different options and extras. I spose its an emotional thing, I can't have it but I want someone to enjoy it!

Well we got the tiles up from the hall floor, ceramic ones, they came up quite easy, but now hubby is down chipping away at the cement that stuck them to the floor! He says its a nightmare, I told him to do the best he can, once the new tiles are on no-one will know what its like underneath!

Once again a beautiful sunny day here in Cornwall. Just having my first shake of the day, vanilla with a bit of coffee in, really yummy. Had a very disturbed night last night, in and out of the loo almost on the hour! Subsequently, got up at 6.30am.

Oh well, have a good day everyone.
Monday 6th November

Well start of day 7 for me, and things are fine and dandy here. My stick was pale pink this morning, after being quite dark yesterday, but I think this has something to do with the amount of water I got through over the last couple of days diluting the result. At least I hope so - I haven't done anything to knock myself out of ketosis. I am looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow, hope everything is going to plan. Want to be 10.8, then hopefully 3 - 4lbs a week after that to get to 9.10. I am really determined to get there this time, too much faffing about recently.
Hope everyone is having a brilliant day.
Wednesday 8th November

Well, after a good weigh in yesterday I am now on day 9. I am feeling really good about this diet again, and so far have hit no major problems. Couldn't believe how easy I slipped back into it. Obviously my head was in the right placeat the right time. I thought it would be hard as I was in the "healthy" range, and only trying to lose for my own personal reasons. Still aiming for 9.10, and hopefully only another 3 - 4 weeks and I should be there. Yay for me!

My ketostix hardly show any colour, but this is quite normal in the morning, and usually shows colour later in the afternoon. I am wondering if its because I am on diuretics and this interferes with the reading. Anyhow, there's no reason for me not to be in ketosis as I have been 100% since starting.

Weather is really grotty here this morning. Was supposed to be going to B & Q with my mum to get ceramic floor tile adhesive and grout, with her 10% discount (lol) but if it continues like this I might pass and get hubby to come with me at the weekend.

Ooh, excited too, just taken delivery of my new vacuum cleaner (how sad is that?). Other one is knackered and keeps cutting out because of all the DIY dust it has sucked into the motor. Will continue using it until it completely dies a death, and then use the new one once (if it ever happens) the DIY is all done!

Hope everyone is having a good day. Take care all.
Morning all

Day 11. Nothing to report really, still 100%, still glugging!
Off to hairdresser this afternoon to have streaks put back in my hair. Not having it cut, decided to try to let it grow down a bit.

Hope everyone has woken to a bright day, with a positive attitude!