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Well, I have failed

I started lighter life earlier this week.
A lot of you have helped me/listened to me moaning
On Friday (day 3) i woke very early feeling unbearably unwell (I dont know if its awful tummy bug thats circulating or a side effect of LL - i dont think i will ever know).
I spent the whole morning heaving/vomiting (sorry for details) every time i tried to have my morning shake.
I didnt bother
I couldnt go to work, spent the whole day in Bed.
I am a bit better today, but I am definitely off LL. I cannot stomach ANY of the shakes/soups. I can honestly say I tried. They have made me feel so ill, and as I type my tummy is churning at the thought of them.
I have lost weight - 5lbs - so I am glad I tried it.
I am strictly still on the diet wagon, but will have to switch to a more "conventional" diet/healthy eating regime.

All you LL's who have done this diet for any period of time - i absolutely admire you and take my hat off to you. You have a will of steel.
I could not take the pain/hot~cold sweats/sickness for any longer.
My LL counsellor has told me to keep on, but I honestly am not being defeatist - I CANNOT drink any of the products. I am literally feeling so ill!

Best of luck everyone. I am proud I lasted 2 whole days!
Take care!
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good luck with what plan you use ................ xx
you have n't failed you lost 5 lbs xxx
Sorry to hear you have been unwell and good luck with whatever you decide.

If you feel you can go back on it after the sickness is better we will be here to help.

Let us know what you decide to do.:grouphugg:
You have my sympathies because the soups do just the same to me. Good luck with slimming and do keep popping in - this place is invaluable.
Miss Fenella am SO glad you said that the soups do the same to you.
OMG my counsellor actually told me to combine the meals/shakes - so I only have 2 a day but i think that would just make me worse.
Ah well, it wouldnt do for us all to be the same. And it cant work for everyone.
I am going to keep on keeping on.
5lb loss on first week of a diet is good for me!
Have had a good day today so I am back on ww train!
Thanks again for all the support!
have you tried the Bananna shake? Most people manage that one?

In terms of 'normal' diets - I really like and was successful with a low GI diet, it just takes more time than VLCDs.

Resolve to do it and you will lose weight, you know you can!

I know that I can do it.
I am going to do weight watchers (actually switched yesterday!)
So I am on the road to slim-dom.
yes, it will take me longer but I wont be feeling sick!

Thanks for the banana tip (i cannot stand bananas)
But i did try it!
Hats off to you all. I couldnt do it but anyone that does is AMAZING! xxx


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Good luck with WW and hope you feel better soon ...
Sorry it didn't work for you Mrs P - my sister was the same as you in that the packs just made her sick. You tried and that's the most important part (well that and losing 5lb of course :) ) - good luck on ww.
Thanks Katie
My counsellor says that I have told myself that it is making me sick, so therefore it will make me sick.
But NO, they just make me sick. plain and simple.
I am still feeling quite ill today - two days after stopping.
I am not sure its the virus, you know. I am wondering is it the packs that just dont agree with me.
As I have said earlier, i will just never know.
Am glad I posted though as its good to hear it happens to others.
I thought I was going to die!


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Oh hun, I'm so sorry you've been poorly.

Maybe you've had this horrendous virus circulating, certainly I would change until you feel better, but it may be worth attemtpting LL again once you are better just in case it was a virus and not the shakes, you never know, I understand the thought of that at the moment probaly makesyou feel ill, but once you're better it might be worth trying once more, if you sick again then at least you know.

sun xxxxxxxxxxx
Good advice, SUn. I hear what you are saying.
But have you ever been sick just after eating something then the thought of EVER eating that food again puts you off it for life (maybe thats just me!!!?!) But it happened about 10 yrs ago after eating some quavers and i havent had a pack since.
So I am off LL.
Still on a v healthy eating plan on WW. And doing well.
I will get there, SUn. Just not as quick as LL's!


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Whatever is right for you is the way forward and I know you can and will achieve your weight loss with WW, just keep us all posted.

Good Luck hun

sjn x

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