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Well, I officially missed class tonight. (bit of a long rant sorry!)

I've been feeling very negatively about my SW classes for a while, for a few reasons, and I've been going over it in my head for the last week, trying to decide what to do, and I've decided to quit group.
I know this is going to be difficult going it alone, but I've got my boyfriend doing it with me,g which is a lot more support than I've been getting at group, and I don't have to pay a fiver for it.

It's been almost 3 months since I got my stone and a half sticker, and since then I've lost about 4lbs. Some weeks 100%, some weeks not, never a gain but losing inspiration and the driving force needed to continue losing weight.
About 3 weeks ago I spoke to my consultant and said I was struggling with both losses and inspiration, so he said he'd have a think and ring me during the week.
He didn't.
Next week, I went back to him and said I'm still in the same place, explained into more detail how I was feeling. He suggested eating more SF foods, which I did, and keeping a food diary so he could talk to the nutritionist at SW, so I did. I threw myself into SW that week, giving it my all, eating SF foods, exercising, and being over careful with measuring HExs and syns. He said he'd ring in the week to see how I was getting on.
He didn't.
Next week, I gave him my food diary and didn't bother sticking around. I lost a pound that week, which was good, but disappointing considering how good I had been. Again, he didn't ring me but I didn't expect him to. He gave me my food diary back a week ago with these comments: "Fine, just watch those KitKats, we know how you like your chocolate."
I almost cried waiting in line to be weighed. I wanted help and support, and he just wasn't giving it to me. I literally only go there to get weighed now, and £4.95 is crazy to pay when I could do the same at the gym for 50p.

So basically, I'm going to go it alone. I know it'll be really hard because I've done it before, but I just can't do the classes anymore! I have my bf supporting me, and minimins, so hopefully I will succeed.
I do feel a bit guilty for missing class though. He's not a mean person or anything, I think maybe he might be struggling with his group now, it's quadroupled since I joined :s

so... That's it basically. Expect to see me around here more often! Please help give me the inspiration I need!
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i left for similar reasons. I use the bods here for my group and do it on line.Done better than I did at group.It doesnt suit everyone but theres bquite a afew of us here. Welcome and good luck x
That's such a shame that you weren't able to get the support you needed at group, I'm not surprised you've decided to quit. Sounds like you have great support from your bf and of course there's everyone on this forum so I think you'll do great! :D If you feel you can't manage it alone is there a different group nearby you could go to?

Lots of people do SW alone on here and make fantastic losses, so that should definitely inspire you!


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im sure everyone here will help you as much as possible, have you thought of contacting SW to say how unhelpful you feel your C is being? xx


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Think your C needs to receive some feedback on the way he keeps his promises to call and never does.
Well I'm here for the long run, so hope we can support each other :)
I would feel guilty about telling tales on him to SW :s There is another class but it's half an hour's drive away, and I didn't really want to waste the petrol.


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Worth giving it a try doing it alone. And if you manage then you know you don't need the class and if you can't manage then choose a different class. You need a supportive leader. We have a great leader who always replies to messages and rang me yesterday just to see how I was.

Irene xx


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maybe he just doesn't understand how not doing what he says he will has affected you wanting to go, you contacting SW might save someone else to feel like you do hun xxx


Wishing and hoping!
you got to do what is right for you and feel comfortable and relaxed. Good luck with going alone, loads of people do it so it is not the be all and end. Plus, there is a lot of support and inspiration from minimins :)
my group is huge, i do feel a bit left to it, i think ive only talked to my consultant once since i joined, shes never rung me or asked how i am but then ive had losses every week and havent asked for help...i do feel a bit like whats the point sometimes, but know id go off track not being weighed in front of someone....
Why not write to your consultant and explain what you have been telling us?

I know a few consultants and if someone is not happy they would like to know about it - we are their livelihood, after all!

Give him a chance to put things right before taking matters further.
I'm going it alone too now after going to the group for a few months. I kind of know how you feel. My consultant was really nice though, it's just our group was so huge (took over half an hour just to get signed in and weighed) that she just didn't have time to help everyone. I just didn't feel right spending £5 a week when I could be doing this myself with support from family and on here. :)


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What a shame your consultant isn't giving you the attention you need.

Are there definitely no other classes nearby? I don't live in a city, but there are about 4 or 5 classes within about 10 minutes drive of me, so they're pretty spread out.

I find I need the discipline of going to class to get weighed to help me, but you're in a different boat, as you actively need advice and support to analyse why you are struggling with the plan, so I can understand why you've stopped attending.

Well, as the others have said, this site is as supportive as they come, and I'm sure there are many many SW experts on here who would be only too happy to look at your food diaries and suggest some ideas to help you along.

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