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Well Im a big fat failure!! sob


Will be thin god dammit!!
Been doing so well on Lipotrim, had a couple of little blips but got back on track with pleasing loses until this week....
From about Saturday I have stuffed my face on EVERYTHING :ashamed0005:
Wont put on here what but believe me its a lot... :eatdrink023: I was even sneaking food into the bathroom to eat so no one saw me...How sad and pathetic!

So what to do?

Due for my WI tonight and Im so scared, embarrassed and nervous.
Should I just admit to my pharmacist what Ive done? :giveup:
I really want and need to lose this weight and i know lipotrim is the answer for me but ive failed.
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Ah Moom, try not to be so hard on yourself. You have admitted to it, that's a massive step. How many times have we tried to diet, had a blip and then threw in the towel?? You will succeed so don't give up. Personally, I think part of the whole process is having the days when things go wrong and learning from then. You can use this experience to find out why you had the binge, what led to it and what can you do to prevent it from happening again. You will be okay :flowers:.

As for telling your pharmacist or not, that is up to you. You should definitely go though I think, face up to it and move on to a good week again next week..and remember there are loads of people on here who have had blips and they have been pleasantly surprised by their weigh-in's so try to stay positive.

Face up to it, admit what has happened but don't look upon yourself as a failure. Look how well you have done so far, remember the feeling of how pleased you are with yourself..? All you have to do is move on. Stop eating all that junk, get right back on the plan and forget it.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks guys - Im definatley gonna go tonight, as to whether I come clean or just look suprised at WI if it doesnt go well will depend on how I feel then!
Hey you get a grip! You're not a failure until you give up completely, ie don't go and get weighed, give up on us on here and go back to life as it was before LT!

Ok you had a blip, quite a big one by the sounds of it, but it's not the end of the world unless you let it become so......one thing you haven't said is WHY? What provoked it? I'm not meaning to be nosey but after all these weeks you didn't suddenly just decide that all your hard work wasn't worth it.....and why have you carried on? It's Wednesday now!

I know you can do this and so do you, so, though I don't mean this to sound unnecessarily harsh, pull yourself together, chuck the crap away NOW and get back on track. The fact that you've come on here and not just disappeared forever must mean that you want to carry on, doesn't it?

Don't let us down but, more importantly, don't let yourself down!



Will be thin god dammit!!
Aww Sandra - I managed to get thru bonfire night and avoid baked potatoes, hotdogs, hot choc with marshmallows and even pecan pie and then saturday evening I went out and only drank soda water all night..... got home and started picking in the fridge.
It snowballed from there and I ate Sunday, Monday and yesterday too.
Funny thing is I dont reallt know why - after eating the first few things I kinda thought 'oh well ive blown it now' and just continued.
Nothing to report in terms of triggers so just all my own stupidity :(

Im off at 6pm for WI and think I will come clean and confess my sins!
Back on the wagon as from today and I WILL beat my eating demons damn it!!! ( With all your help x x )
Oh sweetheart....all the lovely things that you could have had??? might have made it worthwhile!! and you could have got a bit merry (or totally pissed?!) into the bargain......

I hope that the news isn't too bad at WI, but what's the worst that can really happen? you might put yourself back a week at the most. Do you think that you've carried on cos you know that weigh-in is today and tomorrow is the start of a new week? if so then go with it....

Look forward to hearing how you got on, whether it's good, bad or terrible - we'll still be here and I promise not to lecture you any more, unless you deserve it but that'll only be if you feel sorry for yourself and carry on pigging out!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ive had a peep on my scales and I may still be maybe 1lb down or STS so all is not lost.
I will report back asap after WI this evening - Thanks hun x
Just jump straight back on the wagon and do not beat yourself up. Try to look at the positives and to the future thinner self. If I can get started again so can you. :)
Ive had a peep on my scales and I may still be maybe 1lb down or STS so all is not lost.
I will report back asap after WI this evening - Thanks hun x
that's the spirit, I'm crossing my fingers for you:fingerscrossed:
I would feel much better if I went to the wi and confessed all my sins. What's the point in fibbing? You're only cheating yourself, they don't really care a hoot what you did. Fess up, feel better, kick your own ass, get back on track, lose more weight. Simples.
Fingers crossed for you too.....look on the bright side...at least you won't have put on
all you have lost....I have my WI tonight too!! (by my nurse and she is STRICT) Put on 2lbs last week...totm and diwali treats..so LT has gone out of the window for me but still going to get WI and get told off by Nursey :(

Will exchange notes when I get back tonight.....and don't worry too much... you are a "lovely human being" and still going to lose lots of weight!!!! keep focus.....and good luck!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Awww thanks Funkystrut - Keep me posted as to your results x
I can't add any more than has already been said Jen.. The fact that you didn't want to face your weigh in is good, because it means you know you done wrong....You are better than me-when i blipped on cheese and onion hula hoops i was quite proud when i told my pharmacist!! lol... It is not the be all and end all.. It is one weeks weigh in.. You are not on such a strict time limit that one blip is going to mean you will not reach your goal.. You WILL reach it (and i reckon long before July 2011), and we are all behind you supporting you.

Good luck for tonight hun x x x
Good to hear you're going to go Moom, it's the right thing to do. Sounds to me like your trigger was having to resist everything...so maybe that is going to be something that you'll have to work out. I know that if I try to be really good when 'normal' eating and don't allow myself anything i end up having a big massive binge that can go on for days, and believe me I know all about hiding and eating...I won't even start getting into it but it's not good. The last time I did WW I discovered that I was better if i allowed myself one treat night a week where I would have a bar of choc or a take-away or both. During the rest of the week whenever I was tempted I always knew that I had that night coming and so was able to resist the splurge. It's all about careful control :D

I really hope tonight goes okay, we'll all be thinking of you x
Good luck for tonight funky x x

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