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Well, it finally happened

After 19 weeks on LL, my first week of STS has happened :eek::(

But hey, it's better to STS than gain (not that that would have possible!), and here's hoping for a decent loss next week :wave_cry: I'm guessing that it's some fluid retention from not feeling too great this week (that's what my LLC said anyway, and it sounds like a good reason to me!)

On the plus side, I am now by FAR the smallest guy in my group of 9 guys, and tonight they were all so complimentory, asking me tons of questions about my journey so far and so on - one guy even asked me to bring in my 1 remaining jumper from when I was at my biggest to help inspire him! I mean OMG! How can this be me in this position? How can I be slim enough to inspire other's to keep going, when I feel so big myself still?

Guess my head isn't as "caught up" with my body as I though it was.... something else to work on I think! :rolleyes:
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hi pete
i STS too this week its a bit of a downer when you've not cheated isn't it, but we know it'll come off.

How are you feeling now? Did the LLC recommend you have milk or anything ( sorry if you have already posted this somewhere) i was a bit worried about you the other day!
daisy x
Thanks guys :)

LS, my average weekly loss is only 3.7lbs, so not really a huge figure by comparison to some other's around here and in my group!

I'm feeling a lot better today, pulse rate is back up around the 65ish and feel like I have more energy. LLC didn't suggest a milk week, he said he thought it best to see how this week goes and try and jedge wether I could have actually been unwell last week and not realised it - somehow I doubt it, as we kinda know when we are ill don't we?

But, I'll see how this week goes :)

PS Dasiy, check you out in your new sig pic! hot hot hot! ;)


nearly there!! :)
good on ya for keeping ur head up and thinking of it realistically hunni,
wait and see yall have a fab loss next week cause of it.

takes ages for the head to come round doesnt it...im finished since jan and its only now its getting there!!


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Glad you're feeling a bit better Pete, still worried about you though!!! (You're the same age as my son! And now I feel mumsie and old! :sigh:)

You've done incredible things with your body over the past few weeks, and your mind set come to that, no wonder others are looking to you for advice and inspiration. So you didn't lose this week, you sure got the positive strokes to make up for that!! Enjoy!! :D


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The week before last I put on 100g. (every says "oh it's only 100g" but it's not the gain that bothered me but the lack of a loss).

I suspect it'll happen again, a few times. I'm basically trying to accept it, in advance, and I think that is all we can do really - prepare for it, and be ready psychologically.


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Wierd this STS really. Well done Pete & Andy for the PMA - you're right it is imposible not to lose weight on LL, and I guess sonetimes the body just wants to catch up with itself and stores fluid. Today's another day, keep at it.


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Omg Pete you have come along so well..welldone to you xxxxxxx

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