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Well it had to happen

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
It happens because your body is not a machine and can't be programmed to lose a certain amount of week per week. :) The body needs to time to catch up and providing you are on the average of 1 stone a month, you are doing fine. You also need to take into account water retention, TOTM etc.

You know the weight will come off. The number on the scale from just one week is not the be all and end all.
Please don't worry. When I did LL 2.5 years ago I didn't cheat once in the first 100 days and 2 weeks in a row I only lost 1lb then the 3rd week 8.5lbs so it will catch up, just look forward to the upcoming big drop you will have! :D x
I know it feels horrible but you gotta look at the big picture.
Instead of using the scales as a progress chart this week, think of all the things you've done right. And you probably lost some inches somewhere that didn't show on the scales.

The scales aren't the only way to track your progress but unfortunately it's the easiest. Did you measure yourself yet? Maybe that'll make you feel better.

Keep up the good work though and forget about the scales!
It feels terrible doesn't it. Had this happen once too and it's so disheartening. Takes a while to get over it despite reassurance. Like others say it will come off next week though and probably more so!
You're doing so well, try not to worry :) x
awww thanks all.. im feeling better now after coming back from work...work took my mind off it all esp in my job lol!

it does feel chit though lol x
Hello Mrs. Essex

I now I will feel just the same when I encounter a STS week or two during the course of this diet. Come on, the Essex/Greater London girls can endure these setbacks and bounce back in style!
Best of luck for next week ! x
I STS last week. Back to normal this week 3lbs.

Meh. Silly scales. I did everything I was supposed to do, even if the scales disagree. Or silly body? I don't know. Something is being silly but it isn't any fault of mine!! :)