Well just got back online and the past few days have been awful :(


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Apart from the 5 hour train journey that we had to STAND UP ON ALL THE BLOODY WAY my little girl ended up in hospital on thursday night and all day friday as she was dehydrated :( she had a cold then got the dia horrors and started refusing to eat and drink on wednesday and on thursday she refused everything but 3oz of milk at 7am :(.

This has all been seriously stressful and I very nearly turned to food but didn't even though my mil has been insisting I'm starving myself grrr. Anyway not sure what I've missed on here will catch up properly later, just needed a rant!

Hugs everyone,

Emma xXx
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Wow, you have had a nasty few days there, well done on staying strong regarding your diet, that deserves double congratulations ;)

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Emma you poor thing, what a week.
Is your daughter ok now?
You have just proved how strong your willpower is by sticking to the plan - well done.


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Oh Emma, hows your little one doing now? Sorry your trip wasn't so good.
Glad to have you back online again.


nearly there!! :)
awh hunni im so sorry things were bad for u and hope ur daughter is ok now xxx
oh and the main thing...u DIDNT turn to food well done xxx


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*huggles Emma*

Sorry your week has been so rough, and I hope your little one is getting better? That must have been very worrying for you all.

I am very proud of you for staying strong - remember that you did, if you have other rough times and that you got through them!


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AW, bless you n' your little one. What a struggle - 5 hours standing and no one offered the share their seat!? Thats rude!!

I can certainly understand wanting to turn to food - so a very big WELL DONE to you for getting through it! Thats brill!!

I hope this week proves easier for you and your child. Poor thing - sounds really rough.

Hang in their kiddo - you are doing great. :)


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Aaaaarh hope little un ok,ud av thought sum1 wud av gave up there seat,but thats the world these day im afraid,But uve coped well pat on back 2 u :patback::hug99: xx


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Lotsa hugs to you and your little one, hope she's on the mend.
well done you for coping so well.


*comes in a day late and echo's what everyone else said* :p

Hope your daughter is feeling better, hope you are too!
I know what a nightmare trains can be, I regularly had to stand up all the way from Liverpool to Brighton when visiting friends, not a fun experience - I used to end up just sitting on the floor in between carridges! lol

Anyway, !WELL DONE! for not turning to food!
You're eating habit's are changing, and there's proof :)


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Oops - came into this late too - sorry!!! :(

Awww FYM - that can't have been good - hope your little one is feeling a bit sparkier now :) and hope you are feeling a bit more human... those long journeys really take it out of me. Lastly, but definitely not least... MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS on not eating!! You have willpower of steel, and should remember how stressed, tired etc you felt and STILL abstained - it will pose as a good perspective marker in the future when you think you could really 'do with something' to eat. Good on ya honey!! xx

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WOW you are my hero!! :)


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Hey hun!

I'm still catching up from my abandonment of internet over the weekend!

You should be so proud of yourself for finding your way around your stress without using food, and for not giving into the mil's demands and eating! I'm so impressed, I think if I'd had a day like that it may have broken me, but then I'm not a mum!

Hoping munchkin is all better and hydrated now!

I can't believe someone did not surrender their seats for a mother and child! Honestly, I was brought up to always give up my seat to mums with kids and old people, oh and pregnant ladies. No one has manners anymore!

B x


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Thanks everyone she's doing well now, still not drinking much but is a lot better :).

And thats mum and 3 kids btw lol.

Emma xXx