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well...not sure THAT was a good idea :(

Hi All
well it had to be done.... my before pictures and my god what a vile disgusting blob of human I've let myself become.....
and thats at the end of day five where i know I've lost!!!!
It explains a lot... the back pain, the foot pain..difficulty doing pretty much anything anymore, the insults from random arseholes in the street etc....
Weirdly as much as I've hated myself, half of me (that being the same weight of a large person..ha!) didn't think I was THAT big......

I can't post them at the moment as too mortified but if I can stick with this plan and STAY bloody stable for the first time ever I will post them with the during and after pics......

yours mortified
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Maybe not at the moment, but when you're losing weight consistently and compare yourself it's amazing.I did this when I did LL and I hated (still do ) my old photos, but they keep you motivated........PS you don't need to post them, but can keep them private, or in a private album for friends only to view.
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I know the feeling! But well done you for doing it, We will definately succeed this time - 2011 is the year of change! You've made a great positive step and just remember that for the short time that you feel positively awful on this diet the feeling of getting lighter will completely out weigh it (No pun intended!) you are doing a great thing! Stay strong and go for it x x x x ....I have a big fat picture of myself in the kitchen its enough to put me off food hehehe!


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I haven't been brave enough to take a "before" pic, so hats off to you. I'm looking forward to seeing your frown turn into a smile, in fact a cheesy grin - which it will, you know it. You're not alone in feeling how you did today, but just think that from today onwards you will be smaller and lighter every single day. Virtual hug coming your way!! Lucy :)
I took some before pictures just so when I reach my goal I can show people how gross I used to look!

If you feel brave enough hun you can post your pics on the before, during, and after thread...it's a sticky on the main exante board.
That's where I put my pics.
I think it will be nice to be able to take progress pics and see how much we are changing over the coming months, looking in the mirror just doesn't seem to be the same as looking at a photo of yourself!
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You are going to be so pleased you have before pics once you have thinner ones to compare them to!!!
Thanks ladies.... Can't sleep... Must be the minds eye reminding me of the pics!!!
I know your right cause it's easy to forget how big you are /were. Well no bloody chance of that with these!!! Xxx


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feeling the same, shimmystar! I got my prom pics from last year July and i hate them because i look so fat on them in my red size 18 dress! But i use them as my motivation and my goal is to surprise everyone back in Germany when i go visit my family and friends from school!!
I know how ur feeling hun, its a horrible feeling isnt it? I also took pics but ive decided not to post them. Theres no need to share with everyone as long as you know how they make you feel and u have them there to look back on for personal motivation. Ive started a diary and stuck my first "before photo" in there. If i get the urge to cheat i look at it.....and it brings back all those feeling of "omg i look huge!" and it reminds me why im doing this.

Funny thing is.....ive never been self conscious. I like the way i look in clothes, i dont struggle to find nice clothes, and im confident....but something in that photo just makes me feel dreadful lol. Maybe its us seeing ourselves how others may see us? I dont know.....but i have every faith were going to do this. xxxxx


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Youve seen how huge I looked when I started - I was like a weeble! The point is that you are doing something about it now and youll soon be happy to look at pictures of yourself.
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I know the feeling, my Mum was putting the photos from Christmas day on Facebook the other day and I had to stand over her shoulder saying "no, not that one, I'm too fat.. or that one, too fat... too fat..." The entire album has one picture of me and that was just a chancey good angled shot! But hey, the time will soon come when you'll be jumping in front of the camera!! I can't wait to be a poser in photos again!
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I did that, too, and printed it off and posted on my fridge door to remind me...

Luckily I live alone, so there's nobody else to frighten!


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I dont actually mind pictures of me any more. Im still a long way from jumping in front of the camera but if someone wants to take one Im quite happy to go with it. Amazing the difference losing some weight can make.

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