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well they are still here...


Fab & Fit For Florida
blooming horrid stomach pains... was supposed to go back to work today but it's pointless going in if i was gonna come home in pain cos that would go down as another bout of sickness...

i'm fed up... can't even face drinking any water... :cry::cry::cry:
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Fab & Fit For Florida
yeah it was really nasty last night... i thought it was trapped wind cos i couldn't stop pumping... and then i went to loo while running bath and shall we say the "heavens" opened...

didn't think i had enough in my body

anyway i'm achy and when i walk i feel like my abdomen is sort of pulling...

mind you jumped on scales this morning and i'm 3lbs off being into the 15's!!!!!!!!!!! so that cheered me up xx


Fab & Fit For Florida
just my abdomen, my chest was hurting too and my back but that's eased now


Fab & Fit For Florida
on my left... i thought it was heart burn... my back is eased now... just my abdomen feels like i've sort of pulled it and i ache


Step away from the chips!
(((hugs))) hope it passes soon

I spent all day yesterday not knowing which end of me to put on the toilet first. Still not good today either :( and my head feels like its got a whole troupe of clog dancers in there :sigh:
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oh nooo, wonder what it could be?

have you eaten any carbs at all? have you changed anything on the diet? like different flavours?


Fab & Fit For Florida
oh my god i've just braved it to drink a little water and the pain right in my tummy has started again xxx


Fab & Fit For Florida
i've not changed a thing babes xx
S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
The only time ive ever suffered with everything you described is when i gulp my shake down quickly, omg the pain is so bad, but only lasts an hr tops!!

I think you should perhaps go to the doc hun ? sounds quite serious.... please ring to get in as an emergency today :)


Fab & Fit For Florida
nah i'll be ok chick don't worry... it's hell trying to get to my docs and i'd look like a right plank since i was only there on monday...

i'm gonna go back to work tomorrow, pain ain't like it was and is probably trapped wind... gonna drink some more water and make a warm choc shake


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Have u tried a hot water bottle on your tummy, or go the chemist for something for trapped wind, that may help...

Hope your feeling better soon...



Fab & Fit For Florida
oh that's a good idea... i've got a lovely little cat i put in microwave to warm up as it lasts longer than my hot water bottle.... will go get that...

i don't think its gallstones cos the pain is mainly in my lower lower abdomen little period pain, but i think its wind cos i feel like i need to go to loo but i dont...

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