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Well today I had a breakdown !

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The last few days have been horrible. Most of you know I haven't been able to work for the last year due to my visa restriction. I have applied for a new one with out any restrictions and I am still waiting to hear back about that (stressed). 5 weeks ago my mother in law met someone and is happy (yayy) but she has stopped doing anything around the house, he lives in England shes in Scotland so it's not because she is out with him all the time. I have been doing all the housework which is peeing me off to no end. I understand that I don't have a job and I really do don't mind cleaning because I am not working but I really don't like the fact that things are getting left for me to do. Empty toilet rolls in the bathroom (WHYYY), the recycling is left on the bunker when she walks right past the bin on her way out the door for work, she vacuums her living room and her bedroom ant won't do the rest of the house. So I have been stressing about all this as I don't want to be walked all over but don't want to cause a argument either and have to still live here with her.
We also tried getting a place of our own through the council (my husband has been on the list for 7 years ) still no help but we may be able to apply for housing benefits depending on our income.
Plus I haven't slept in 3 days, Everything has slowly been building up and today I lost it, I broke down and I snapped at the mother in law when I shouldn't have. I decided to call the doctor to see what they can do for me. Not sure if it may be the Cerazette that's making me depressed and moody but I am going to be asked to be taken off them anyway and I will be asking for the coil. Anywhoo I needed that off my chest and will let you know how my doc's appointment goes today.
Thanks everything for listening to my rant, you are the closest thing I have to family here in the UK. So Thanks for everything
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Aww sorry to read your story there I hope all works out for you. Chin up girl;)
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Ahhhh bless, now you have posted you may feel a little better? Take care hun xx


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first of all (((((big hugs))))) - secondly, it could be the tablets that are contributing to things (is it the pill?). they don't 'make stuff' bad in the first place, but they can tend to magnify things!

i was on the dianette for a couple of months and they made me feel like i was going mad - seriously! every time al was 2-3 minutes late home from work i'd scream at him that he was cheating on me :eek: i thought he was trying to kill me at one point!!! and i don't really react to anything generally. i'm a pretty calm, patient person.. and quite rational usually.

but these tablets seriously made me go off my rocker! al took me back to the doctor and explained and he said "yes, they are to known to cause mental illness sometimes".... but he didn't think to pre-warm me of that!!! LOL

so yes.. i would definitely take it up with your doctor. you never know, they may just need to alter it slightly? (((hugs))) xx
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Its good to talk and get it of your chest there is nothing worse than bottling it all in, maybe your mother in law doesn't realise she is upsetting you that much is she very approachable can you not talk to her sometimes it's good to clear the air. It might be a little awkward for a little while but in the long run it will be better. I used to be afraid of my mother in law but the more I told her what she was doing was annoying me it got easier and better each time, :D


Go on smile! =)
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Give her a slap! I'm joking .............wait come back.....good your back! Hope everything works out ok :D Atleast now she knows how your feeling.


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aawwww jen big hugs!! it funny how when your reallly mad thibgs build up and build up and before u know it your a pressure cooker about to explode! i get like that all the time! its usually at oh when im on my own with the girls and i walk round picking his clothes off the bedroom floor, bathroom floor, bathroom door, handing kitchen floor... in fact its amazing where u can find his mucky clothes hehehe

i hope you are feelin much better! it must be awful waitin on immigration and also feelin like a house keeper! its not fair! go have a nice long soak in the bath!

love katie
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Thanks guys, The mother in law is not the greatest when it comes to talking. She sees nothing as her fault. She never does anything wrong. I did apologize for snapping at her and she asked what was wrong, I told her everything was getting to be a bit much right now and I didn't know if I could take it anymore. She said not to worry as we are all stressed right now but she did admit (without me saying anything) that she was slacking around the house, when she said that I told her that that was part of the problem. She said she would start doing more so hopefully that helps. It's just hard when there is 3 adults living in a house and we all have our own ways. Me and the hubby basically live out of our bedroom (bed,tv,entertainment center, wii, ps3, sofa. very crowded we defo need our own place.
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Well I decided to kick myself up the butt and get back on track, our Wii arrived today with My Fitness Coach Cardio and the new EA Active game, the wii fit plus comes tomorrow. I really need to get back on track and my hubby has decided he too is fed up with his belly (I love it) so he will be joining me in the exercising.
BTW When I was at the doctor's yesterday I asked about a Gym referral and he said that they don't do that (has anyone else gotten that response)


gunna be a fatty for ever
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nope i go to gym through a referal! costs me £1.50 a time no joining/induction fee!

mybe its some thing they do in england??? worth asking another doctor
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Ive been referred and am on the waiting list. I will get 12 sessions only though, at £1 a time. There are only 2 days i can go at set times. Its basically just a deal between the PCT and local facilities, meaning they may get memberships from the people trying it out.
Sorry i dont know the rules for scotland, its certainly a postcode lottery in england, different rules for different pct's.
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Aw well, we splurged on a Wii, Wii Fit and a bunch of workout games so I will not be paying for the gym. It's too expensive for 2 of us to go at the moment. I like the fact that with the Wii you can workout when you want too, thats a plus. So for now we will stick to that.

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