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well well well


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Well done Megan, thats fab.........I bet your over the moon!
I always count my weight naked .... after going to the toilet and if someone asked me to go on with my clothes on it would freek me out!!!! LOL!!!
Keep smiling your doing great xxx


running strictly on fat!
(although it was naked and after a wee)
ALWAYS do that - even when I go to the loo in the middle of the night - guess what I do after that????? Yeah, hop on bl**dy scale! Talking about obsessive behaviour.
Well done at getting to your 12s!!! This is such an achievement lol


is a naughty girl...
I am the same, it all comes from when I tried before and after a wee on digital scales and it made a difference so now I always weigh myself after a wee! :D


running strictly on fat!
I always weigh after EVERY wee... think i am a bit obbsessive, luckily i am in the office for 9 hours a day so thats 9 hours of non weighing time.
Did you really say "a bit" obssessive?!?! haha - just a little bit me thinks.
Yeah, I am 8 hours in the office and sadly can't bring my scale with me lol
Well done Megan !!! In the 12's!!! WAHOOOO thats SUCH a good step as its not a 'teen' stone lol

I weigh once in the morning & about twice at night ..really bad aint it, why do we do it to ourselves ?


Why Be Normal?
Congrats OnlyMe -- so, do you do this at your Counsellor's, too? (i.e. weigh naked!) LOL I used to get the giggles when I saw people removing their watches, belts, rings, etc,. before they weighed. But, the best one was when my friend (who paid for her LL with her credit card) said, "Oh, I had better set this credit card down. It has hundreds of pounds on it!" I laughed so hard... I almost wee (and if I was OnlyMe, then I'd have had to push her off the scale to weigh lol).

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Can hug her knees :)
well done hunni, i weigh myself naked in the middle of the night after a wee too lol actually i weigh myself every time i go to the loo (its where the scales are kept) xx
well done on geeting into the next stone down. it nice when the scales show you something you truly want to see.