well well well


had weigh on wednesday :) ...4 lbs off on week 3 that makes a stone !!!:)
then off to help my sister move house ....so unorganised.....3 meals out but that wasn't the problem i forgot and had a mouthful....yes what a mouth !! of champagne to christen the house worried that i would not be in ketosis ...got home this am and tested i am so really pleased but annoyed that i just "forgot" ...... Bev and Kazz........ hot date on tuesday was great so texts and phoning like 15 yr olds!!!! hope you can decipher all this just so excited about everything ........and my dad was so proud of me !!!!!!:eek:
Congrats on your weight loss ! Its easy to sometimes forget or hopefully rememer just in time. I have gone to taste something I am cooking for someone else ! Be kind to yourself, its easy to get caught up in the excitement of an occassion !
Wow, 1 stone off is a great acheivement. It won't take you long to shift the weight you want to lose ;)

As with anything it takes a bit of practice for a new way of behaving to become second nature which is why it is so important to really embrace the group therapy sessions and do a lot of thinking at home. We lose weight so quickly on this plan that we have no choice other than to do some major thinking whilst getting to gaol to ensure that we know enough to keep us there :D
Well done Susan on losing your first stone!!

I think we ought to start a book on when Susan'll lose her next one by :D

I'm guessing 18th November ;)
thanks chicken, but i think i will slow up soon ...unless i have to move my sister back !!!!
i am stardreamer........your pop in weight loss is brill x