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Here I am... After 1st lost naturally and sustained for a while then an extra 1st off on lipotrim for 2 weeks.... I'm back with 1 1/2 stone regained.... I joined a gym and I am working out daily for about an hour and a half.... I mainly do 45 mins on cross trainer at level 17..... Level 23 is max... I am not loosing or toning... I'm 20 stone 10 pounds and 17 years old... I am physically fit and can keep up with friends... I'm not loosing weight on my current food intake... I'm male and wanting to find a girlfriend... My goal weight is 16 1/2 stone by christmas and I need all the support I can get.... Please help
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I'm not sure where you are from. But there is a prescribed drug in the U.K called Xenical. This reduces the amount of fat that can be absorbed into the body. You could possibly try anti-apatite drugs if your always feeling hungry.
Have you considered trying a VLCD for the longer term? I'm quickly demotivated on a traditional diet as soon as I have too large a portion or sneak something I shouldn't, however since starting on Exante I've been really motivated and if I have had a slip up then I've got straight back on it the next day. Certainly for me taking food out of the equation altogether is the easiest option.
have you thought of calorie counting?
can still eat what you like- its just all counted towards your calorie intake allowance.

Me and bf cant cut out choc or crisp, so eat really good in day, so can munch on choc at night.

At weekend we both just ate soup all day so at night we could scoff down a chinese, lol.

I started after gaining 4 stone having baby in jan-may- lost 3 1/2 stone- but then fell of wagon, put on half a stone :cry:we both started last week- so far i lost 3lbs... which is ok... but partner lost 7 1/2lbs- bloodt not fair- why didnt i loose that!!! lol

You have to spend a bit of time typin, working out your cals, etc. But it is sooo worth it. But be warned, all you bloody talk about is... ooo do you no how many calories are in that. Example corn on cob- over 100 cals- i can have a small choc bar for that, i no which i'd rather have!


Slimming down the aisle
I'd have a look at what you're eating as well as the exercise that you're doing. You may be eating too many calories but if you're doing a lot of exercise, it's quite possible you're not eating enough too. You should be aiming for 1600 or thereabouts a day, after exercise. So if you burn 500 calories, you can eat 2100. You need to be careful of going much lower than that because you'll end up losing a lot of muscle as well as fat which obviously isn't good and it'll lower your metabolism and so you'll find it harder and slower to lose weight.

I'd suggest using myfitnesspal.com to track everything that you eat and all your exercise. I find that on the days I don't count everything and just guess, it easily adds up to a lot more than I thought if I do sit and work it all out.

My biggest piece of advice that I'd have for anyone is to plan. Plan out what you're going to eat that day and what exercise you'll do. I know if I do that I stick to it a lot better than if I just go to the fridge, freezer, supermarket etc. and go hmmm what to have. That way you know you're within calories and you know what you've got left over for snacks if you're hungry at any point between meals.

I don't know what happens with the snacking on crisps, chocolate etc. but I know that if it's in the house, I end up eating it sometimes. If it's not then I generally don't even miss it. If you're 17 I'm guessing you probably still live with your parents, maybe speak to them and get them not to buy in those kind of things?

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