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im totally not in the mood to diet, my oh is getting sent to london for 6months minimum and will only be home once every three weeks for about a day and a half, i have three kids under three and i dont even drive, im shi**ting bricks here! its so unfair there are people in the company with no kids and they are staying here! :( im trying to stay sort of positive the money will be first class and will get us out a bit of debt but jeez im gonna be so up to my eyes in it, ill be like a prisoner!
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Oh babes what a nightmare. I've only got 2, aged 7 and 4, and I'd struggle big time on my own 5 1/2 days a week - crikey - I can only imagine 3 all under 3!

Do you have family/friends who can support you and help out over the 6 month period? I'm lucky my mum and dad live only 10mins away and mum's retired now, so they great at helping out when needed, but I know not everyone is in that position.

Do any of your wee ones go to nursery? It might be to keep your sanity and give yourself a bit of "me time" to maybe see if you can get them in somewhere a couple of sessions a week or see if a family member could help out to let you go and get your food shop etc during the week?

When's your hubby due to go, any idea yet? It does seem totally unfair that they've chosen your hubby when, as you say, there are others in the company with no family ties, however, it could be that he's the best man for the job which is a nice slap on the back and the extra cash is always welcome!

I'm sure once you get your head around the prospect of him being away for most of the week for 6 months and plan for it, you will feel a little bit better about it...chin up honey and just think when you lose all your weight and reach goal he can spend his extra cash on buying you lots of lovely new clothes! Take care xx
aww thanks alison, i have the two oldest in a playgroup 4mornings a week but im going to see if i can get them in for two full days to allow me to get up the shops and get my shopping done and a day to get the house sorted so hopefully they will be able to help me that way.

i have family but they stay quite a bit away and my oh's from ireland so thats where his family are! not ideal situation for me to be in but its either that or no job so im just gonna have to roll with the punches! my brother drives and im sure he would come up and help me out now and again if he isnt too busy with his work. time will tell, if i come on here raving like a lunatic then you will know its not going well lol i can probably manage, im sure i will it will just be tough! thanks for listening - sorry i seem to be doing a lot of whining on here lately lol
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Hey Emily, I'd whin too! You'll manage babes and if you get the little ones in a couple of days a week it will help you, we all need "me time" and get things done, which isn't easy with kids at your feet lol! x
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aww babes im sure you will be ok u just need to be organized ive got 2 kids and im on my own but i do have family around which is a bonus i know what it feels like not being able to bother with diets and comfort eating but when u do lose weight and your oh comes back he will notice how well u have been doing getting them innursery is a start babes im sure u will manage if not just come on here and talk to us we are here girl xxx


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Emily...you have my sympathies!!! My OH's family are all in England and I have no family near so I know it can be tough. That seems a bit crap...good if it helps financially though. Try and make sure you can get a babysitter when he is home....even if just for a couple of hours. You will need your time together. What will he be doing?
hiya everyone and thanks for all the support, ive came round to the idea now as the money is the only good thing plus i have managed to get the two oldest into nursery for two full days starting next week so thats a bit of help for me, ive set up to do my shopping online and get it delivered as well so i am feeling ok about this now. ill keep you all posted lol ill no doubt be tearing my hair out at some point! im going to order my cs online this week so its here for next week too, i want my oh to come home and be able to see the difference in my weight!
S: 11st0lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 0st4lb(2.6%)
Hi Emily - glad to hear you've got your head around this and you sound very organised! The months will probably pass by really quickly and I'm sure your hubby will have a new wife by the time he's back from London!! Take care xx

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