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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Yorkshire Adam, 17 February 2009 Social URL.

  1. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Well-Known Member

    My final day on total food replacement was today and obviously start re feeding tomorrow.

    Anyway reason i am making this post is just to basically say thank you to everyone for your support.

    Its been much appreciated and has helped and inspired me on this journey so yeah thats what i wanted to say

    Also i will be sticking around to keep a check up on everyone and keep everyone updated

    Disclaimer; I am not gay, just thankfull for peoples support !

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  3. lipgirl

    lipgirl Well-Known Member

    Well done Adam you are an inspiration photos look fab too!
  4. CherryRocks

    CherryRocks I love my purdy shoes

    Wooooo lucky you on refeed. Good luck with it hope everything goes to plan hun x
  5. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Well-Known Member

    Thanks you two much appreciated
  6. Eclipse

    Eclipse Well-Known Member

    Well done Adam, make sure you keep posting so that we know how you are doing x
  7. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much i will do
  8. LondonIrishOllie

    LondonIrishOllie Pensively Posting

    Hey Adam,

    well done on this.. any reason why ur going off it before u lose ur 4.2kg or are u hoping for a massive massive weight loss in wi tomorrow?!!

    u've done great, some of ur losses have been outstanding
  9. nexangelus

    nexangelus Carpe diem, baby!

    Hahahaha! Typical Northener, always bringing a smile...good luck and way to go on your success so far!
  10. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    Aww well done Adam!!

    Hope you enjoy your first meal :D lol!!

    Im really happy for you... and I strangely feel proud??? hahaha!!

    Sorry I am a weirdo after all :)
  11. LovelyLauren

    LovelyLauren My husband = My hero

    Lad are you gay or somethin????

    haha couldnt resist, best of luck today love, steer clear of maccies an you will be fine!!
  12. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    Let us know how eating was!!

    I want descriptions and everything:p
  13. LovelyLauren

    LovelyLauren My husband = My hero

    got my napkin ready for when i slobber... ha
  14. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    make that two of us :D lol
  15. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Well-Known Member

    thanks mate

    reason am coming are two fold.

    Firstly i want to loose the rest of the weight on just a healthy eating diet to set me up steady for long term

    also i go away to london start of march and so didnt want to be on this at the time, although i am pretty much where i wanted to be from this diet just didnt think it would happen so quick lol

    thanks very much :D

    Thats great thank you and i know what yo mean i feel proud every time some one looses on here who i have spoken to

    lol thank you and dont worry i dont like maccies anyway haha

    dont worry ill be back with the gosssip

    and me lol cant wait
  16. MrsFatBum

    MrsFatBum Well-Known Member

    haha.. love the disclaimer!
    You've done so well.... if I were you I wouldnt be able to stop looking in the mirror... (but i reck that would be the thing that'd be gay)
    Enjoy the new you and be good on refeed xx
  17. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Well-Known Member

    thanks very much fbtb

    oh i am enjoying it went out and spent over £200 on clothes at weekend as my old stuff is just too big lol love it
  18. nexangelus

    nexangelus Carpe diem, baby!

    Yep, being slim gets expensive! Ha! But fun!!! (with the ladies it's the underwear thing mostly, as you go down the sizes, the underwear shopping begins and doesn't end...argh!)
  19. cazzy b

    cazzy b Well-Known Member

    well done adam, you have done fantastic. do you know what you will have?
  20. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Well-Known Member

    tell me about it lol

    well i can understand about the whole underwear thing lol although that doesnt affect me so its all good

    thanks very much

    what do you mean about do i know what i will have? as in food wise on my re feed?
  21. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Good luck with the refeed and have a wonderful (slim) time in London, you deserve it!

    Keep us updated with the rest of your journey, you have done so well and are an inspiration to us long timers!

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