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Wellers musings, frustrations and excitements!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by weller1, 13 October 2011 Social URL.

  1. weller1

    weller1 Member

    Hello All,
    Well, been doing Slimming World for approx 13 weeks, and think ive had a pretty good run.... Until tonight where i gained 2 and a half lbs!
    I have been 100% all week and my body hurts that much from exercise that even driving is painful today! just not fair!
    Im even more gutted because all i needed to lose today was 1lb to get my 10%. Devasted is how id describe myself today!

    But... I've lost over a stone in just over 3 months so i know this thing works. Just one of those things isnt it and hopefully, fingers crossed, it'll be gone next week and i'll be back on track to lose half a stone by Christmas.

    So, a little about why i have decided to lose weight.
    I was fat for a start! 5ft 6 and 13stone 10 and a half. Ooooff! Im now 12.8 and a half! (annoyingly if i had have started this last week id have been 12.6 - sob sob)!
    But my main motivation is... im getting married! Yay! Lol!
    All booked for August 24th 2012. Ive bought the dress. It was a size too small when i bought it and i havent tried it on since losing a stone - it's hanging up at my neighbours house and she wont let me keep trying it on! Lol! So we are booked in to try it next Saturday to see how it fits since losing weight so really want to lose that 2.5 and more next week!

    So ive started this is another motivator to keep me on track, feel free to stop by, say hello, kick me up my fat behind!

    Looking forward to getting to know you. And interestingly, myself!

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  3. weller1

    weller1 Member

    Hmmm, so why is it when we stall at weight loss it's suggested we may be eating the same thing too often and its stalled our losses, when, pre diet we ate the same things, fish n chips, chinese, pizza etc, but that doesn't stall the weight gain does it? Thats not annoying at all!

    Just a thought....
  4. weller1

    weller1 Member

    probably a little early to be posting but i think a successful day today

    Breakfast - 0% fat Activia yogurt and an apple
    Snack - Banana
    Lunch - Home made mushroom soup and low fat super noodles
    Dinner - Roast Chicken, Salad, Baked Beans and SW Quiche (random combination i know but i was still peckish after dinner hence the quiche)!

    Syns today have been spent on a Half of Lager and black and extra light mayo with my dinner.

    As it's only 8pm i still have the option of my hexB hi-fi bar with a cuppa tea later!

    hoping the rest of the weekend goes as well - doubt it, fancy a night out tomorrow!
  5. weller1

    weller1 Member

    oh dear, i was on a one stop journey last night.... destination hangover central. Meh.

    Yesterday only ate low fat supernoodles and green beans and drank copius amounts of lager and black.
    this morning.... im so ashamed... chicken nuggets and chips from McDonalds.
    Can this weekend get worse? Im guessing yes judging by the state of cupboards!
  6. tillymax

    tillymax Gold Member

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Slimming World
    :8855:When the weights going up it doesn't stop at all.

    Whoops. It might be the hangover that's causing the craving for rubbish.

    It would be better to stop now and get straight back on plan. You know you can do this cos you've done really well so far.

    Good luck :)
  7. weller1

    weller1 Member

    thanks Tillymax. Yeah back on plan, and will ensure not too many syns are consumed for the forthcoming week to try and claw it back! Lol! I do sometimes think abit of a blow out is good for you. Doesn't make you feel like your missing out on too much then, and lets face it, it could have been a whole lot worse! the nuggets were just the best option out of a bad menu! Lol!
  8. weller1

    weller1 Member

    another good day, brekky an Activia fat free yoghurt and apple, lunch, low fat super noodles and grean beans, grapes as a snack and my dinner of slimming world friendly spag bol. Im clawing back the sysn after my binge this weekend so im really hoping for a loss. Did a lot of dancing sat night though so body magic included eh?

    People have started to notice the weight loss now which is always nice to hear! Although does make me wonder just how bad i looked before??
    But then get told for always putting myself down. Anyone else do that? Major defence mechanism. If i put me down first, no one else can. Im looking forward to not doing that anymore....

    Right, going to finish cooking, looking forward to it! spag bols my fave!
  9. weller1

    weller1 Member

    Bad day at work today which included being told all internet activity will be monitored.... bugger!
    Went to the pub after work to meet my sister for a quick drink, was very good, if not boring, and had a diet coke! Lol!

    I had a gain last week and am experimenting by not going to the gym this week. Will be funny if i have a decent loss this week after hard work last week got me no where! haha.
    Have to admit though, im dreading weigh in on Thursday. Couldn't bare another gain.
    I dont think my week has been too bad food wise really, apart from Sunday. Saturday night drinking is what im worried most about, but ive had a "good" night out before and still lost so why am i worrying about it now?


    On another note, my OH brought some rice krispie squares and i thought id have a look and see how many syns.... 6!!! Only 6 for that lovely krispie gooieness!!! yum!

    Breakfast - Fat free yoghurt and a banana.
    Lunch - Packet of bachelours pasta on a bed of green beans and broccoli
    Dinner - Left over spag bol (plenty of super free veg included in the bolognase)
    Snack - Grapes
    Hex A - Milk in tea
    Hex B - Not had yet, prob a hi fi bar?

    Had approx 3 syns for mayo with my dinner (don't ask).

    Hope everyone else is doing ok.
  10. weller1

    weller1 Member

    woop woop 2lbs off!!! little disappointed that it wasnt the full 2.5 i put on last week but its a start. And its * week so, hopefully i can get a 1.5 loss next week and i'll reach my 10%.

    Had a lovely dinner. Roast Turkey, mash potatoes, and lots of veg. Yum yum yum.

    Still got a Hex B to have so a Deluxe hi-fi bar with cuppa later this evening!
  11. weller1

    weller1 Member

    oh my god im so bloody excited!!! Im trying on my dress tomorrow! eeek!!!! I really really hope i love it as much as i did when i first tried it on!

    Sorry, rambling on! but can't wait! Bought some bubbly to get us in the spirit of things!

    Hope everyone has a fab week and a better weekend!

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