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  1. Welshsam

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    I thought I'd start one of these. I'm a mother of 2, had 2 c-sections. Pre babies I was 8 stone and a size 6-8. After having my son I was 11 stone and a size 12-14, but managed to get down to 9 stone and was a healthy size 8-10 i maintained until I became pregnant with my daughter. Once again ate too much and shot back up to around the 11st mark.

    Since then I've planned a wedding, got married, moved house so there's been a lot of stress which has meant me over eating and not moving much.

    Current stats:

    size 14 tops
    12 bottoms

    plan is to eat better and move more. Last 3 days I've been on my exercise bike for 45 mins a day. This is how I lost the weight with my son. Lots of cardio. I actually enjoy exercise and hate it when I miss a day.

    Will be adding pics along the way. Any weight loss or gain. Won't be typing up a food diary daily as I don't have much time.

    wish me luck!!!!
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  3. Welshsam

    Welshsam Member

    11st 8. 1lb lost over 3 or 4 days. Might be more as I'm currently on my period.

    Shall be getting on my bike later. Can't wait.
  4. Welshsam

    Welshsam Member

    Haven't weighed since, but I'm still working out :) Going away in 24 days so I'm going to knuckle down, work hard and eat really well so I can get away with having a few treats while I'm away.
  5. Welshsam

    Welshsam Member

    Eaten well today.

    Porridge this morning with a banana.
    ham,salad for lunch.
    homemade chicken Kiev with sweetcorn and green beans for tea.

    will have something later before working out. Should really weigh myself soon.

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