1. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Hi lovelies!

    I hope I'm allowed to post this, but I wasn't sure if we could have a general chat thread or not and get to know each other, especially those who don't want to yet post a diary :) after all we are all in it for the longhaul!

    How are you all today? Have you had good days?
    I've been batch cooking all day, havent sat down for about 5 hours aside from half hour to have lunch. Hoping that four and half hours (about another half hour to go to finish off) will stand me in good stead! Was very good, haven't tasted any of it, even though its all healthy stuff aside from the dumplings ive just put in the slow cooker stew! (For my mum, honest! I'm her carer)

    I did look at putting the standing up and cooking in my fitnesspal thing for an idea of calories. The closest I've come to find is either walking at v slow pace or standing playing a musical instrument. Either way it suggests around 1200+ calories lost for 5 hours. That can't be right surely? I've no idea how to count calories exercise wise.

    Hope to talk to you all soon xxxx

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  3. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Cor! 2 and half hours at the emergency vet - thankfully home now. Feel like I should have lost 43453243 stone after all that stress! (all okay, hopefully. back tomorrow afternoon. They think my little doggy's had a seizure)
  4. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Och no poor wee doggy hope its ok.

    I have had a rubbish day first my tyre burst on the motorway due to roof slates on the road that must have fell off a lorry then I was late for work.

    Work all day home to an empty house cos the husband is out with his mates tonight.

    Gonna do the dishes & get to bed with my book.

    Here's to a better day tomorrow.

  5. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    She's okay now thank you lovely. They gave her a painkiller jab that will also bring down her temp as she was 3 above what she should be so hopefully all will improve. Going to sleep downstairs with her tonight though to make sure she's ok :D

    Booo to your day! Sounds like you've got the right idea about it though my love. To bed, unwind with a book and pretend the day didn't happen. Hope its better for you tomorrow :) xxx
  6. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Princess, glad your doggy is doing ok now.

    Dolly, hope the evening helped end the day on good note.

    I was woken up by a big putty cat demanding cuddles! He wouldnt let me go back to sleep till I put my hand on his back! :p

    Am a bit out of it coz of that (I think). Cant wait for the day to end!
  7. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Yes the night ended better than the day started.

    Had a nice wee relaxing night & no dramas on the way to work this morning - yippeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. Tiger-lilly

    Tiger-lilly Silver Member

    Hi guys
    Glad to read that all the previous days problems are a thing of the past. And thanks for starting this thread Princess. I think it is a great idea. :)

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  9. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    :) I'd love to get to know some of you better so I thought it'd help (at least I hope so!)

    Poor doggy was back at the vets today, saw a different one who thinks she has a 'disease of the spine disk'. I don't understand a lot tbh as she didn't explain it very well - and wouldn't when pushed - just gotta give her the meds and keep her calm and quiet and not let her leap around or play(!) for the next few days till 2.30 Friday when I have to take her back to be looked at again. Her temp has only come down a little bit bless her :( She seems absolutely fine in herself though, it's all very strange. Least she can sit down/stand up now though without falling over :)

    How are you all doing m'lovelies?! Can't wait for Law And Order: UK tonight :)
  10. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    I am so tired.

    Got my nails done & visited my auntie & uncle for a wee bit after.

    Also had a KFC - kill me nowwwwwwwwwwww xxx
  11. Tiger-lilly

    Tiger-lilly Silver Member

    Awww Princess sorry to hear that the poor dog has a disease of the spine. I hope all goes well for you. We have 2 dogs a boy and a girl dog. I live with my son and his family. Dogs are family too, but not a lot of people see it as I do. Their loss I say.

    Dolly I would loved to have joined in with the KFC drool!!! But right now I just want cake so I am off to bed before I go to the latw night shop down the road. Night guys.

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  12. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    oh no... poor doggy :(. i hate it when animals get hurt or fall sick - they dont understand what's happening! i get so angry - if only i had a superpower!!!

    my biggest putty cat (bonkers) once fell ill and was throwing up and pooing blood and till now i dont know what triggered. he was in hospital for 3 nights on drips! cried every night without him :cry:

    p.s. i didnt know there was a UK version of Law and Order... going to try to get my hands on it! i love the american versions!
  13. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    I picked up KFC for my family last night! And I was so tempted to eat some...

    Dont worry about it... a little blip wont affect you - just draw a line and get back on :D
  14. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Thanks girls.

    Straight back on it today.

    A small glory I suppose is that last night I didnt eat the full KFC, I stopped when I was full & just threw the rest away rather than just stuffing my face.

    Have a good day, will try & pop on at my breaks in work later.

  15. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    They sure are! I have two and they're both my babies! Hopefully when she rests (she's snoring beside me now!) and without the running round and playing whilst she rests the painkillers should take the worst of it. I understand it's like a human pulling a disk or slipping a disk (she really didn't explain well. We're back tomorrow and hopefully another vet should explain it better!).

    Hope you're still doing well, well done for resisting the junk!

    Yesyesyes! It start Bradley Walsh (I looooove him :D and his character!) If you want a taster here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_L3-AZ18XE - is episode 1 of series 1 (it's series 8 atm :))

    Your poor baby :( Is he alright now?! It's awful when they're poorly isn't it! :( Poor babies!

    Well done Dolly! keep going :D
  16. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    (On a slightly TMI note, is anyone/has anyone had problems going to the toilet properly when they started losing weight? Specifically uh... the more unpleasant end? :eek: )
  17. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    I have noticed a change yeah.

    Seem to go more often which can only be a good thing.

  18. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    :D Oooh that's good :)

    Hoping it'll pick up too if it's a temp wobble, especially after the huge amount of water I've been drinking today (want to keep it up! Really need to up my water intake too which might have an impact). Having a bit of trouble at the mo. Nothing for two days, then it was like having a baby (!) and nothing since whereas uh.. I was pretty regular before, at least twice a day and had little to no problems. (sorry :p)

    Used Dulcolax last night (ended up with four!) which was a godsend to hopefully clear the main blockage. Swear by dulcolax (pound each in poundland :D) nice gentle way to get things going without being an actual leg it to the throne type laxative imo.
  19. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Hopefully it will just sort itself out.

    Makes you feel terrible when you don't go.

    This week I am gonna try no dairy to see if that helps I am sure I am slightly allergic to dairy.

  20. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Thanks lovely :) Everything hopefully will work for both of us :)
  21. Tiger-lilly

    Tiger-lilly Silver Member

    Good luck to all the runners today!

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