WeMitt thread - we really do Mean It This Time...


I STILL mean it!
Hello everyone, and welcome to our thread on Mini's forum. Hope you will all post regularly.
Ann x

Hi guys

I managed to find this forum - definately am going to need this over the next week! I have been invited to a really posh 40th birthday party in 3 weeks time and I need to lose around 10 pounds in 3 weeks... Is that achieveable or am I setting myself up? I only lost 1lb last week so am hoping for a bigger loss this week!!

How was everybody's weekend? I went to watch some Porsche racing at Brands Hatch on Sunday as a friend's brother was racing! He came second - have got no voice left today!!!!

Speak soon.

Claire x
Hi WeMitts!
I love the different things on this site, the pictures, the fact that you can see who's online from their posts and of course the tracker lines! Makes a nice change!

Was 11,0 this morning so all thoughts of naughty food have gone by the wayside & am trying desperately to be 10 stone something by my birthday on Thursday...:p
We shall see... Am also probably going to go back to SS for the 2 weeks Mum & Dad are on hol as will have no food temptations while they're away and would be lovely to get lower quicker. Have maintained my weight between 11 and 11,7 for 12 weeks now so I know it's do-able! Just need to get to that mythical 9,2!

Love to all & have a great day!
Anja xxx
wemitt Russiandoll reporting in!

Hi everyone
Great to see the wemitt thread starting on minimins - thank you Ann! :)

I don't know what I'd have done without a safe haven to come to for a whole week! Now I can keep up to date with all my wemitt buddies and the others from DH: a big round of applause for Mini for organising this!

Debbie x
Hello to all my lovely WeMITT friends - isn't it great that we can still keep in touch while DH gets upgraded? :)

I still haven't quite figured out all the functions of this site yet, but it's certainly better than not having my daily 'fix'. How awful would that be?? :eek:

Just want to say a quick WOWEE! to Irene for losing 4 stone .. I am just so proud of you!! Soon be in the 15s, sweetheart :D

Also, a big kiss to Debbie xx I read your post on DH last night before I went to bed and was so incredibly chuffed about what you'd written that I showed it to hubby - who was just as proud as I was. I wish I could frame it :eek:

Much love to all xxx
Hi Ann, Go the website http://www.tickerfactory.com and set up a weight loss ticker by following the instructions, filling in your weight and goal, and create your own. On the finished page it gives several different versions of what to highlight and copy. Pick the BB code version, highlight it, then right click and copy.
Next go you your profile on this site, User Control Panel (in the blue bar above on the far left), click edit signature, and then paste it in your signature. Click save and your good to go ;)

Your tracker will now appear at the bottom of every post you have!

Heather x:)
Hi Mel
Have just got in as have been at mams today. Yes just had packs and water. I'm managing fine. I am 16 st 1.5 lb and desperate to be 15 st something. How are you?
Irene xx
Hello everyone, just wanted to share something that happened in the swimming pool today. I spoke to this lady who I had met only briefly before there, she is quite overweight, but not as much as I was. She started talking about weight and that she was swimming to help lose it. Nothing wrong with that. I said that I had lost quite a lot of weight with Cambridge since last Christmas, and her attitude was off hand. She said "Oh, but I want to KEEP it off" more or less saying - but you won't. I think I'm used to the sisterhood of the WeMitts and found this attitude from a fellow person who struggles with a lot of excess weight surprising. I didn't say much, thought it best left, but this is an attitude we are all going to have to face. People are EXPECTING us all to put the weight back on. Well, We Mean It This Time applies equally to keeping the weight off once I have reached my goal. I shall do whatever it takes, including following instructions from Cambridge to the letter, and keeping the activity levels up. I ended up feeling quite sorry for her. Ann x
I would have found that a strange attitude too. It's polite to congratulate someone when they've lost lots of weight, she was just rude. She's right that swimming is good for her but JUST swimming won't do it, she's also right that very few people keep it off once they've lost it but I'm hoping the WeMitts are going to be in that tiny percentage. I saw Real Story last night which was about Slimming Champions putting they're weight back on; of the 40 they had 25 had and 15% had bulimia/binge eating disorder. A fairly worrying programme really.

My anti-diet genes kicked in last night and have gone up to 11,3 again this morning. It seems the closer I get to where I want to be the more my body kicks, screams & sabotages! Haven't quite got the mind games sorted yet!

WE DO REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME! I refuse to be fat again. Just shrug, ignore her & remember how amazingly you've done.

Anja xxx
Hi Ann

I actually think she was probably jealous - I haven't really told anyone what I am doing, as I get more confident in myself I am telling people but not initially. I have had someone say that to me, and I look them squarely in the eye and said, yes well we will see won't we, there aren't any guarantee's in life!

I find it better to be non-commital personally because I don't want to set myself up for a fall.

I do mean it this time, this hasn't been an easy journey for me but I just keep ploughing on and on and on.

Besides you will have the last "laugh" when you see her in 12 months time and she will still be the size she is and you will be the size you are going to be! Then lets see how rude she is!
If you go click on your ticker, you should be able to log into your account and change your weight that way - I use tickercentral not tickerfactory and they have a log in button at the top - I can then edit my ticker with the new weight and then save it. You don't need to update anything here as it will automatically update for you.

Hth and doesn't confuse you!
Good morning everyone,
Still a bit disappointed if I'm honest, that I have only lost 6lbs over the past three weeks. I think I have to accept that no matter what I do, it's going to be slower from now on. Getting ready for our holiday with the grandchildren on Saturday, quite looking forward to it, although I'm a bit apprehensive about the whole "caravan" thing - it had better be clean, that's all I can say!!!
Ticker trouble again - how do I get rid of the two I've got on my "signature"? I can get to "edit signature" but then can't seem to get rid of them. I'll get the hang of it soon, I promise! Have a good day everyone.
Ann x still "Proud to be a WeMitt"