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Wenders Diary - Advice welcome !

Day 1 - Red Day

Skimmed Milk (Hex)

Defrosted Summer Fruits
Total 0% Yogurt
Cereal (Hex)

Mixed salad
with sweetcorn (1.5)
Red Salmon
2 x Rye Crispbread (3)

Grilled Chicken with cajun spice
Carrots, Cauli
with Light Chedder (Hex)
New Potatoes (Hex)

Snacked on some dried apricots (?)

Don't feel like I've been dieting - is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Any advice is very welcome :D

Now planning green day tomorrow .....
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Basic/Non Branded Foods Fruit - Dried, Apricots, dried 2 apricots

Original 1½ Syns
Green 1½ Syns
Basic/Non Branded Foods Fruit - Dried, Apricots, dried 28g

Original 2½ Syns
Green 2½

Your choises look great for yesterday Hun...how are you finding the green day????
Hi Mrs V,

Green not to bad at the mo. I was not looking forward to it as I'm basically a carnivore, but OK so far and going to buy some Quorn on the way home - not something I relish, but have heard and read mixed opinions - only one way to find out.

I'll post my menu later and perhaps you could let me know what you think when you have a mo ;-)
Day 2 Green

Hard going this evening - do not like quorn!

Milk (Hex)

Fruit, 0% Yog, Cereal (Hex)

Salad with Sweetcorn
Chicken (Hex)
2 x Rye Crispbread (3 syns)

Snacks - Banana, Grapes, 2 x Dried Apricots (1.5 syns)

Potatoes and Veg from last night plus onion, roasted in oven with Frylight
1 1/2 Quorn Lamb Grills (rest in bin)

Sorry to say I did not enjoy the quorn - should I persevere with it?

Feel very full and not like I'm dieting at all - can't be right, can it?

I'm already dreading WI on Tuesday, and I'm away for the day/night on Saturday - any tips on how to try to minimise damage?

Any advice welcome :)
Friday 16/10 RED

Milk HE A

Fruit, 0% Yog, Cereal HE B

Chicken, Ham, Toms, Pickled Shallots
1 Small WW wholemeal - 3
1 tsp LF spread - 1

Mushrooms, Onion, Toms, roasted
Potatoes HE B

Snacks - Banana, Grapes

& to much lager ! :sigh:
Saturday and Sunday are right offs, as away for weekend. Didn't eat to much, but totally off plan. And drank way to much, but cest la vie ! Back to the grind stone Monday.
Thats the way it sometimes works out Hun....you have to live too!! Lol.
Quorn is an acquired taste I think....I find that the sausages are ok as the mince (although mince needs loads of flavour), but the pieces I just gag with! urgh!
Monday 19/10/09 - Green Day

Milk - HE a

0% Yog, Fruit
Cereal HE b

Soya Bean Salad :sigh:
Prawns HE b
1 tbsp Ex Lite Mayo - 1 syn
2 x Rye Crispbread - 3 syns

Chick Pea and Carrot Curry - lovely :D recipe of the SW lifeline website

Snacks - Banana Grapes

Not a bad day for a green day which I struggle with a bit. Definately giving up on the Quorn -just find it disgusting. But if I can find more recipes like this curry then not a prob! I'm going to look through the recipes on this forum, my old SW mags, and going to see if they have any decent books at club tonight.

First WI and feel quite confident at the mo - fingers crossed :scale:
Asda do a really lovely tinned chickpea curry for 3.5 syns...I heat it up and have boiled rice for lunch on a Green Day...its delicious!! Also, Asda ratatouille in a tin is 1 syn and thats lovely with some plain pasta and an allowance of cheese.
Hope this helps?!
Thanks for the advice - any tips are always welcome.

Well - first WI and I lost 4lbs - Yippee! Quite pleased after the Sat/Sun right offs.

Yesterdays food - 20.10.09 Red

Milk - HeA

0% Yog, Fruit, Cereal - HxB

Salmon Salad with
Sweetcone - 1.5 syns
2 x Rye crispbread - 3 syns

Chicken Fillet
2 x Ex Low Fat Sausages (Sainsbo) - 1 syn
Cauli with FR cheese - HxA
Potatoes - HxB

Snacks - Banana, Grapes, Slice Ham

I need to develop a different breakfast as getting sick of Yog & Fruit. I notice there are a few threads along the same vain. I take brekky to work as I cannot eat when I first get up, and need to eat at my desk, so need to get my thinking cap on :thinking2:
21.10.09 GREEN

Milk - HxA

0% Yog, Fruit, Cereal - HxB

Salad with sweetcorn
Chicken - HxB
2 x Rye crispbread - 3 syns

Chick pea & Carrot curry
Boiled Rice

Snacks - Grapes

then everything went pear shaped, felt ill, and needed protien, so had:

Chicken - 10 syns :sigh:
1 WW brown bread - 3 syns
1 tsp low fat spread - 1 syn

17 syns total, but taken from weekley allowance.

I'm really struggling with the green days, so am thining of doing red days and Extra Easy days .........
22.10.09 Red

Off work today and going out with hubby Caravan hunting ....

Milk - HxA

Muller Light Yogurt

Chicken, Cucumber, Toms, Red Onion

Chicken Sandwich with 2 x WW brown bread - HxB

Nice day - bought a second hand caravan :D

So celebrated with a couple of beers and a couple of glasses of wine :cry:

Enjoyed it at the time though :flirt2:


That mars bar aint love..
I eat a lot more than everyone else on here :(

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