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Went to a BBQ yesterday


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and was actually stood there holding a hot dog in my hand (it wasn't for me it was for my little girl). I could smell it and feel the weight of it in my hand and could imagine taking a big bite and how wonderful that would be.

My very supportive friend must have seen the look of longing on my face and came and removed it from me (just put down the hot dog ... move away from the hot dog etc.)

I did it too :) I have stuck to the shakes 100% since Monday - the end of my "bad" week. WI is on Tuesday and so I'm really hoping I will see the rewards of my labour.

Housework is done. Well, all that's going to get done is done anyway and I'm going to have a bit of a chill whilst hubby is out with the little one. Cleaning the bathroom can wait.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend x
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oh well done you it so hard when you have kids i had the same when i made sausage for them the other day just wanted to stuff it all in my mouth whole lol but hubby came and took over and i had 5 min away from food again well done you are doing great and i am sure your wi in show good results x
lipo trim is a very hard diet especially if you have family functions and bbqs. i have been on lipotrim for one month so far i have lost 21pounds i have had 3 family birthday partys and have watched people eating all types of goodies and have stuck to my mineral water so well done on not taking that bite as the weight lose will be worth it in the end be strong and think thin x


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Thanks guys

I know what you mean. I feel really proud of myself for not giving in. Going to try to remember this feeling for next time.

We are strong and we can do it!

Speak to you soon LL xx


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awww thats brilliant!!

Well done! I hope you realise how much you have accomplished!

What a great friend you have :) xxx


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WELL DONE! These functions show us I feel how far we have come..you did so well and it will no doubt not be the last time that you will be confronted with this!! But, boy, doesnt it feel good. I bet when you got home, you felt proud of yourself and so you should.

I have had so many functions, meals, etc in the past 7 wks and at the time it has been so hard, but aftewards feel so proud that I didnt succumb...I wake up each day feeling positive and not depressed...

It is a great feeling...like I say, bottle it up!! Just remember how you felt, as it will take you a long way.

Have a great week and a great weight loss as you deserve it!

Take care


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Well done for not succumbing to the hotdog. It takes strength to do that and you have proved just how strong you are. Agree with Chelcie, what a great friend to come to your rescue.


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well done its so hard and as chelly says its some acomplishment! i was at cinema yest usually would each nachos & popcorn and large coke, but just drank 2 ltr of water, came out then delighted and bought myself a pair of jeans in next! i could never shop in next i was delighted, it will pay off and well done :)


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Well done for not giving in to the temptation!! it takes some willpower in doing it ;) Great friend you have there too :p

I was at football on Sunday, my 8year old was halfway through a mars bar when he had to go and play, so he just gave me the bit of chocolate he had left!!! I was stood there with it in my hand :eek: (not wanting to eat it at all) and 4 people commented on this!! One said Jo what are you doind!? One said are you mad, you have come so far, One said OMG Jo don't do it, the other one said I am so disappointed in you Jo....... I just laughed at them and said, I haven't and I am not going to eat any lol ;)

Good to know I had their support just in case lol xxx

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