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Wetherspoon's Jacket Potato

Are they free elsewhere? I had one at a local café a few weeks ago & counted it as free. Is there something particular about Wetherspoon's that makes it synned? I hope not! Otherwise I might have to go with the 5 bean chilli, as others have recommended for 4.5 syns (depends how many syns the jacket potato is, I guess..) - Although I have seen a few people swap the tortilla chips for a jacket potato with the chilli, making the meal free, so the potato must be free?

I'm so confused! :S
Does anyone know the actual syn value for a JP from Wetherspoon's? I've searched through the website & google & everyone has different answers. Tried working it out on the syns calculator but because I don't know the weight of the meal, I couldn't get an accurate syn amount.

I looked at the Gammon, which, with chips, peas, tomato & mushroom is 9.5 syns, change the chips to a JP (with butter) & it becomes 15.. Are those extra syns just down to the butter then? & how can that be such a small change in syns (5.5 syns) & yet the JP as a meal is apparently at least 15 syns with beans?

I am baffled.. & I'm afraid that no one really knows the answer. Have SW even released an actual syn amount for a JP with beans because I can't find it on the syns online?
that says dressed salad, so I presume the syns are for dressing and butter included on the jacket potato.

If you order one with out dressing and no butter, then I would image the syns will be alot less.

I looked at their nutritional information on their website and the calories etc works out pretty much the same as if you made it yourself at home, syn free.

But I assume slimming world have to add some syn value to it, just to cover themselves incase anything is different to making it yourself.
I thought the added syns might be down to the dressing & butter.. But if I order without then it still won't be free?

What would they gain from coating them in butter/oil? Surely they're pre-baked elsewhere & then just reheated? (I wonder if that makes it lose some of the nutrients & so making it less worthwhile than a fresh JP).

OH & I are going to look into other places to eat at if we can't figure out how many syns it is.. I just don't understand why one from a café or JP vendor would be free but Wetherspoon's isn't. Lol.
I'm not even sure how you would fry a potato! I'm sure they're fine to eat. I've had them before & they taste the same as any other jacket potato..

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