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We've been burgled

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Yesterday. I got home from work to find the front door kicked in. Almost everything of value gone and the house trashed.

Things were a state yesterday - waiting for the police, then CSI, then someone to make our front door secure. Didn't get to bed until about 230am, even then I couldn't sleep.
We had curry for dinner, as my dad brought it round.

We have spent all day today sorting things out, cleaning and tidying. We've been on the phone to all the local cash converter places as well as the music shops. Our saxophones should be easily identifiable. But I think my jewellery is long gone...

I'm pretty gutted as you can imagine. Not really focusing on food. I don't want to gain through all this, but to be honest, losing weight is the last thing on my mind at the moment.

I hate the thought that horrid, scally lads have smashed their way into my house and rifled through my things with absolutely no regard for anything at all. Sh*ts.

If there is any news I will let you know. For now, I am drinking some wine.
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My gosh.. hellie, i am so so sorry. That's awful. I can only imagine what your going through. *huge huge hugs to you* .. as you say, loosing weight and planning your meals is the last thing on your mind.. you need to be as less stressed as possible right now in order to cope with the shock of it all.

always here for you buttercup. xxx


I can do this............
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ah hellie that is awful. Dont worry about slimming world just get youself together and go back to it when you are ready. Enjoy your wine and keep your chin up lady. xxx


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aww hellie ((((hugs)))) so sorry what total b*****ds, why do people do this.

Take care of yourself , dont worry about the plan it will be there when you are ready to refocus.


Wishing and hoping!
aw poor you, it makes me sick to thing their are t**ts like this on the streets, lets hope they find them, I totally understand no interest in food, enjoy your wine!
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i really feel for you...so sorry. This has happend to a couple of people i know, and i would hate if it happend to me. sw can take a back seat...just make sure that you feel safe in your own home x x


Fighting the bulge
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thats terrible news!! I really feel for you! I hope you still have all your 'keep sakes' things that money cnt buy and hope that your family are all okay!!! ((((((((HUGE HUGS)))))))))

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oh honey sending lots of hugs from wakefield,
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omg wifey thats so awful, hope they catch the b*****d's that done it :(
sending massive hugs your way xxx
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Our instruments are the most upsetting thing, and the fact that the scroats have no idea what they've got or how much they're worth.

I have lots of nice, gold, sentimental value jewellery that's gone too...that's upsetting.

Our house is cleaned from top to bottom now, and that makes me feel a bit better. We need a new front door though - we are currently barricaded in at the front and have to use the back door.

I didn't sleep last night and am shattered today after an early start and loads of cleaning.

Thanks all - it's just all really pants.
You're really sounding remarkably strong, Hellie. I know how absolutely devastating it is - it happened to us some years ago. We got back from Tesco quite early in the evening, to find the front door ajar. We actually sat in the car arguing about who was the last one out of the house who hadn't shut and locked the door properly - when out shot a young thug who fled down the street. I ran indoors, and nearly went flat on my face over a large heap of our 'worldly goods' piled up in the hall. The place had been ransacked, but it appears that his accomplice(s) had made off with one lot, leaving the one on his own to get as much more stuff as possible to the front door, ready for collection.

We were so much luckier than you. If we hadn't returned when we did, we'd have lost loads more. I couldn't stop shaking and crying - and the Police were like 'pull yourself together, no-one's been hurt, but you shouldn't have gone in like that, there could have been more of them inside', the implication being that THEN I might really have had something to cry about.

OMG, I really am so sorry Hellie. My first reaction at the time was that I can't live here any more. I suffer from OCD, and the thought that someone had been through all our stuff - I'd never be able to get the place 'clean' again.

You've done so well to get that done straight away. You feel so violated, it's so personal, no wonder you couldn't sleep. It's tragic that you've lost sentimental items - I feel really mad on your behalf.

And it had to happen now, just as things were going so well for you on the plan. I agree with everyone else, you can't think about SW for the time being. The shock is so great, you need to recover first - hope the wine helps.

Do hope that you are able to get your front door fixed tomorrow. That will at least make things a little better. They kicked our front door in too, and we were told that it was so easy, as we only had a SOFTWOOD door frame! As if we knew - the house was only a few years old, but we had a steel frame inserted, and security hinges attached, so make sure that you get something similar done if possible.

Sorry to ramble on, but it bought it all back so vividly, I'm even quite shaky just remembering all the trauma. Do hope that you manage to get some sleep tonight, and that things feel a little bit better tomorrow.

Very best wishes Hellie - do keep us posted.


I am one of the 63336
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I am so sorry to hear about this. I had the same thing happen to me many years ago and I know how terrible you must be feeling xxxxx


Slow but sure....
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Hellie, I am so sorry to hear about this - it must be heart breaking for you, fortunately it has never happened to me so I can only imagine the sadness and anger you must be feeling.

I do hope you get your instruments back, and I hope the theives are found and punished.

Thinking of you today and sending you love and best wishes, you take care now my love. X


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Oh Hellie what a bunch of t*rds that have done that to you. I hope yo are both ok although I cannot imagine how you must be feeling, I hope they catch them and kick the livinig sh*t out of them (or allow you too for more satisfaction - if they do let us all know and we can all come and sit on them while you kick them), I don't know if there is anything I can say to make you feel better and probably there isn't but we are all thinking of you & I hope you get some (if not all) of your stuff back.

Take care


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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Oh Hellie, I am so sorry. I know just how you feel, it happened to us some years ago. My thoughts are with you.:hug99:


Trying again!!!
((((((((((hugs)))))))))) Hellie ~ sorry to hear your crap news hun ~ there's not a lot I can say, I just hope that you manage to get some of your stuff back and that the two of you are ok. Thinking of you, take care xxxx


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It's so upsetting and I feel so sorry for you. I hope you can get a bit of rest later, and that you feel a bit calmer. it's a really awful thng to happen.


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Oh dear dear Hellie that is such sad, frightening emotional and distressing news. Such an invasion of privacy. Might make you feel somehow contaminated and quite insecure for some time. You are sounding really together and strong at the moment but don't be surprised if your feelings get the better of you suddenly out of the blue. Hellie you are a lovley girl and it makes me sad that some B******S can wreck havock in your life so quickly and easily. Sending you the biggest electronic hug known to the universe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

frugal fifer

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How awful for you Hellie, I have experienced this 3 times and on the last occasion we were all upstairs in bed, it was awful. I was in your neck of the woods at the time and it took me a long time to get over it. I hope you are able to get some of your things back........phoning the cash generator was a good idea well done you. Keep your chin up and don't let the b*****ds get you down.


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So sorry Hellie! I know how awful it feels.
Happened to us three times too, while we were all sleeping.
(((hugs))) and don't worry about SW until you are ready to carry on!

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