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What a clear out!


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Just had a fab Saturday sorting out my clothes and getting rid of all the size 16 (already had sorted out the size 18's ages ago!)!

Going to keep the size 14 - just in case! If I hit size 14 that's when my alarm bell will go off to get back to the 12's!

Next to be sorted..........................shoes!
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Hi Net
That must feel so good. Well done. I am sure you will stay in those 12's. I can't wait to get there.
Well done Net must be a really lovely feeling.


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I can't wait till I have to do that, it must be such a great feeling!


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My LLC said I should do it! Was scared to, guess just holding on to them just incase but that the wrong way to think. Anyways threw all my bigger clothes out the other week, everything from a 22 to an 18 as am now a 14/16. That so fantastic though Netnet bet that's such afantastic feeling being in 12s and throwing everything else out
I have kept one pair of 22 trousers that I look at now and then, but everything else has gone, either to the charity shop, ebay or the car boot sale. Interestingly, quite a few "friends" said, "Aren't you going to keep them in the loft incase you put the weight back on??"":rolleyes: NO WAY!!! Gone forever!

Plus, selling the stuff on Ebay helped pay for new clothes!:D


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I've become good friends with the lady who works in the Hospice shop around the corner. I love it ;) Well done, don't keep anything be ruthless and brave .
I'm addicted to charity shops now! Before, nothing would have ever fitted me, but now I can't keep out of there! In fact, just taking a break from clearing out and bagging more stuff up to go back there!
It's soooo addictive, I couldn't believe the first time I bought something that fitted! But it made me wonder, all us lovely ladies are taking our big clothes to the charity shops, but I never see big sizes there, wonder what they do with them all? There's one near me I gave 5 bin bags of 22/24s to, and every time I go in there I see nothing bigger than an 18??:confused:


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I agree about ebay greenock :)
Iv sold loads of my old size 16's on there and then just spend it buying smaller stuff!
hehe xxxxx

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Yes. You can.
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Isn't it a pain selling on EBAY? Wahta but postage costs - do you make enought o make it worth while? I can never seem to get to our post office. And when I do, its a nightmare - queues out the door often. But It would be nice to make a bit. Are the listing fees on ebay per item, or monthly?

Hey, I know! I'll pay you a commission if you sell mine!! :D


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The listing fees are per item and usually cost around 50p to list an item, then ebay takes a small percentage of whatever you make from selling the item. Don't worry about the postage cos the buyer pays that. You just work out how much you need for postage and put it on the item. I love selling on ebay!
Well, I made nearly £1000 with my old clothes!! But, that was over 8 months or so, and I had ball gowns and all sort, I was buying new clothes as well (before I found the delights of Primark and the charity shops!), so it didn't last long!

If you go the the post office website, you can print a guide to postage, how much things weigh etc., although after a while you can pretty much guess. A top, for example, with 2nd class recorded is about £1.75 ish.

I buy postage bags off ebay, just fold the item up, bung it in, whip off the paper edge of the sticky bit and away you go!

I've got to be in the mood to do it though, and the better description you can put on, the better, (measurements and stuff) - saves loads of people asking questions!

I did cheer when I put my last black bin bag of big clothes on there! Mind you, am sorting out my clothes today, and I'm thinkin, "Hmmm, should I charity shop that or ebay it?"!!!!
Well, that's the shoes now sorted! Got loads for the recycling! Got some holiday clothes stored at my parents, will go through them when over there next! Very addictive this sorting out once you start!

I am really enjoying this 'me' time, which we all need from time to time.

Just off to do a face pack and a soak in the bath! (Although not sure if to do the face pack first then the bath or visa versa!)

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