What a crap week so far :(


Needs to stick to it!!!
I have to say im havin just a **** week...i think my kids have been taken over by terrorists sent to drive me round the bend..the wee one that i babysit has decided im not allowed to leave the room she's in or she screams the house down..which in turns sets off my lil guys ..and they they're vying for position of loudest feckin crier....
my other 2 have decided that they dont have to listen to anyone...
i was in tears last nite just stressin out from it all..ripped open a giant bag of doritos ...only to hav hubby find me with them n tell me not to ruin everythin...i hadnt even got one chip outta the bag yet....
so today much the same as yesturday.....n im sittin here n i jus feckin ate a piece of chicken....!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :cry: :cry: :break_diet: it was jus a small piece done on the foreman...im such an idiot...this diet is just soooooo much harder second time around...for anyone who is just starting.. PLEASE stick to it.....2nd time around is soo very very difficult :(
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Oh Mags, big ((HUGS)) Well done on not having the Doritos, and put the chicken behind you, drink lots of water and you'll be fine.

Got not answers re: the kids, but if anyone figures out a way to tame them that doesn't involve violence or the NSPCC give me a call! :rolleyes:


Needs to stick to it!!!
Thanks DQ.....
yah god the doritos were tempting lol ...its mad really..yah trying to drink lots of water tonite now, it wasnt a huge piece of chicken just like a couple of bites really so hopefully it wont do too much damage for WI on friday....


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The chicken wont do you any harm. Hang in there you are doing great.


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Sorry you aren't have such a good week and well done hubby for getting those doritos from you.

One bit of chicken won't do much damage so just keep going you are doing so well.