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I will be skinny again!!!
To begin with I woke up late.. Had to rush around before work and didnt have time to get a shower..

Got myself ready.. Didnt have time for a coffee.. Got into the my car... Turned the ignition on.. And the dashboard lights start flashing and flickering on and off... and theres a big whurring sound, Tried to turn it over.. Nothing.. It was dead!! Great!!

Tried to a few more times nothing...

Had to steal my sisters car to get to work..

Phoned the guy i bought it off... He promised he would go and check it out..

Get home from work.. My mum and Alan (the guy i got it from) Both walk out the door looking rather solomn...

I ask how claude is (my cars name :D) and get informed oh its fine it just needed a new battery.. but eh there was a little accident while we were getting the battery...

The guy who fitted the battery in the garage didnt click the bonnet down into place so that it was locked.. So when alan was driving it, It flew up and Smashed my windoscreen through!!!!

So Claude now has a new battery and a new windoscreen and I have to wait til thursday for a new bonnet :( :(

But a bit of good news.. I got a letter from the civil service :) Have to send back some security forms they have sent me to fill out and then I will be getting my new job hopefully!!!

But I have an interview tomorrow in work for a Trainee team leader position and im in two minds whether or not to do the interview now, incase i get this new job??!!


Well sorry for ranting lol!!!
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Shame about your car I hope its all back to normal soon for you I hate waking up late puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.
I would still go for the interview tomorrow just to keep all options open.


Here we go again!
What a day you've had you poor thing! At least tomorrow can't get any worse. I woke up today thinking it was Saturday again. Gutted when I realised it was another work day. Never mind. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Chin up! xx
keep an eye on battery and make sure its not alternator thats faulty causing the battery to be drained


I will be skinny again!!!
I was really contemplating it today but then i realised i didnt actually want any lol!!
what a day at least you survived it I suggest you go for the interview tommorow just to keep your options open

good luck
I agree - I would deff go for the interview got nowt to loose - never know you could be offered both posts then you are the one in a bargaining position -
You'll most prob go in with more confidence not knowing all is dependent on getting it


My husband = My hero
oh love!! what a shitty day!! and poor Claude!

im sure u and claude will get better bab! keep ur chin up! xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Thank you all!!

Im actually getting nervous about tomorrow.. Sat in the bath for like 2 hours studying my notes lol!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Thank you :D

Off to pick my sister up from work now in her car :( lol and then off to bed!!

Thank you all

And night night :)
Wow, what a day!!!!!!! Poor Claude! I bet he'll look very smart when he gets his new bonnet!

I'm with everyone else about the interview - go for it hun! Keep your options open and it's all good practice. The interview I enjoyed most was for my first job where I had decided I didn't want the job coz there was too much travelling and I didn't have a car nor could afford one as I was at uni so was very "up front" and confident - not like me at all! - when asked where I wanted to be in 5 years time I said in your job to the Hod, when asked about 10 years time I said in your job to the head!!!! Afterwards they said they would have offered me the job if I'd wanted it!!!!!!!!! I've not had another interview like it coz I've always been so nervous!!! I say - go for it and enjoy it!

Good luck!

go for the job you never know where it might lead

i wrote my car off a few months back had a blow out on the dual carriage way and it just spun round for ages hitting the central barrier luckily just me involved managed to drive it afterwards but had quite a shock when i went to see it to pick up all my stuff

what a state


I will be skinny again!!!
haha cuddly your post really made me laugh lol!!!
Yeah going for the interview today at 12... Completley panicking!!!! I hate interviews i get so nervous and blank out lol!!

Oh gosh.. Hells thats not good at all.. Hope you were ok!!


My husband = My hero
GOOD LUCKKKK you will be fine hun, just be yourself thats what they want to see!!

let us know how u get on xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Hey all, Had the interview at 12 today!! Think it went ok!!!
My team leader spoke to the manager that took the interview and he said I did well.. so its just seeing how everyone else does and who ever gets the highest score gets the job!!
I was so nervous i went bright red and all lol!!

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