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What a difference a day makes......

.......well a few weeks anyway.
As some of you know I went back to the Dr's today after been told by the very same Dr to come back and see him when I lose 1 more point on my BMI (I was 29 at the time). So instead I lost 3 and went back with a BMI of 26.
I walked into is room and explained everything and he looked at me gone out, so I explained that he, him, himself told me to return with a 1 point reduction in my BMI and that I was now 26 hence why Im here stood in front of you with my trousers around my ankles and my t-shirt up around my shoulders.
He did a brief examination, hummm'ed and arrrrr'ed said yes you need a bit of abdominoplasty surgery.
So he is apparantly going to get back to me after he as contacted a couple of hospitals. But its so difficult now with budgets etc.
He just sounded so negative and not forth coming such a difference from last time, he sounded like a long lost freind and so up-beat before.
Maybe he had a crap day i dunno, so watch this space I shall keep you informed.:sigh:
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bothering buggeration!!!!

he better not start back tracking or i may just have to kick box his ass into shape for ya

keep ya pecker up chuck



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Bloomin Dr's. Cant remember you even if you tell em your life story one wk and they are all luvvy and simpathetic, next wk you go back and they look straight thru you. that Doctors on bbc is a total pile of pap!!!!!!! Do some pole dancing hun and get the money to go private x


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Idiota!! go and see another one for a second opinion


Says it as it is!!!
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Chuffing NHS!!!!! gotta hate em sometimes!! Aww hun, you were sooo looking forward to today... i have all my bits crossed..hopefully like you say he was just having a bad day and will crack on with your refferal!
Massive hugs xx loves ya!
Did you apply for that show hun???
yeah but not heard anything I reckon its cos I look too young and handsome lol well thats what I think!
Never mind I will give it a few weeks then I shall go private, bugger em! xx Its not getting me down, no way!


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
Yeah, far too young and sexy!!!!
Great attitude hun, you have acheived soooo much nothing should ever get you down again!!! And at least if you go private you get a nice room and less chance of picking up MRSA (unlike my nan, bless her xx)
Have you been doing refeed this week?
Will you be weighing in on sun still?
no kidda no more official weigh ins i just want to get on now without worrying every week xxx
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hey gaz... you can get a free consultation at a private clinic - google and make some calls - im sure you might be pleasently surprised at the price - and the best thing is you will have no waiting list, treated with respect like a human being and no risk of msra or whatever that killer hospital bug is.

I can tell this is something that if solved would really give you a lot more confidence. Dont put your life on hold Gaz, you could be waiting forever for NHS, if i was you i would go private anyway - maybe cost u 2k tops i reckon - stick it on a credit card if u dont have the funds - u deserve it - make it your final weight loss treat to yourself gaz....

Then move on and start living and make up for all those fat years babe, you so deserve it

........or maybe if you win poker tonight you can buy me it, it will show the true love you have for me?????????? ;-p xxx


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hope it all works out for you Gaz xx
What an osser, i hate it when they do that! What are the freakin computers for...notes to remember!!! aarrrrggggggghhhhhh, I have no hope with mine then! Just keep on trying:D
T x


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If you are in a group practice arrange a visit when you know your GP is not in then plead the innocence but I was waiting to hear from him...they can't fail to be impressed by your weight loss. The problem with going privately is the post-op and aftercare...unless you've got med insurance I'd only use it after you've got a definate no from the NHS.
Well done for keeping in there
Gaz, sorry to hear that your GP has been so negative, it makes my blood boil that you have given your all to losing the weight and then you hit a brick wall at this stage.

My fingers are crossed for you and I hope you get the results you deserve!


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Orrr hunny....hopefully it will be good news. Flaming doctors!

HUGS TO YOU HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
no kidda no more official weigh ins i just want to get on now without worrying every week xxx
Cool, jumping straight to independence... people hold on to their chemist for security sometimes don't they!
I think you should write to him, and remind him that he asked you to come back to him when your BMI had reduced down by 1 point and that you returned to him after your weight had reduced by 3 points, and remind him of his promise to refer you for surgery.
I feel it would be important to remind him how much weight you have lost in total, and that your goal was to have the surgery in the end, and that you will await a referal letter to the surgeon for surgery.
Sorry to hear about your disappointing visit to the Doctor surgery, but maybe as you said he had a bad day, and by putting it into writing it will give him time to reflect on his promise, whether budgets in hospitals are tight or not!
thanx everyone I shall sit tight for a couple of weeks. Then look again at my options.

Yeah Nic but my chemist has'nt done that much since December except take my money and let me stand on their really expensive bathroom scales lol so I think one will manage. Anyhow I have you lot to fall back on 1st before any bloody chemist xxx

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