What a difference a week makes

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  1. I'm on my way

    I'm on my way Full Member

    Last week after eating off plan for a special occasion I was delighted to lose 1lb, as I got to my lowest weight in 18yrs.
    This week having stuck religiously to plan I am devastated to have only lost 1lb.

    I know a loss is a loss and I now only have 10lbs to lose, but surely its not going to take 10 wks to lose this ast bit???
    Help I need motivation, I intend to keep going for the next 3 weeks at least but had been hoping to move up the plans way before xmas!
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  3. Suzie_

    Suzie_ Full Member

    I know it's disheartening - but keep the bigger picture in mind. You've done brilliantly so far! :0clapper::0clapper::0clapper:

    Depending on what you ate last week in that meal 'off-plan', it might be that although you lost a pound, you p'raps shouldn't have done, if you know what I mean. The body's a funny thing - it doesn't always react immediately to what we put in it (or don't put in it).

    Look at it this way - you wouldn't have been surprised to have stayed the same or even gained a pound last week, would you? So in effect, you lost 2lbs this week, not one.

    Weight loss does slow down the nearer you get to goal though, unfortunately. Your new slimmer body needs fewer calories than it did a few weeks ago, so losses are bound to be less than they were at the start. I think overall, you'll still lose more than a pound a week but you probably shouldn't expect more than one and a half to two pounds a week at this stage.

    If you're struggling to stay on plan, have you considered doing SS+? Losses work out to be almost the same as those on SS, and some say that introducing food seems to give their metabolism a kick!
  4. Suzie_

    Suzie_ Full Member

    Oh doh - I've just seen that you're doing SS+ already... :)

    How about upping the exercise a bit then?
  5. I'm on my way

    I'm on my way Full Member

    Hi Suzie
    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes you're right I would have been satisfied with a STS last week so it could have been 2 this week.

    As you can see my losses have never been high, only 3lbs on my first week!
    Three more weeks and then I'm moving up the plans, hope by then to be at 11st or there abouts and then get the rest off by xmas, fingers crossed.

    I had been thinking about trying to get to 10 4 but dont think thats going to be achievable now :-(
  6. Witchy

    Witchy ButtERfly

    Dont lose heart and keep at it, this diet is unpredictable and small losses can lead to inch loss and then big losses, keep smiling and drink loads of water but dont give up x
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