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What a grotty day (maybe TMI)

I woke up this morning feeling really out of sorts,,, had belly ache and felt a bit sick... my belly was swollen and I felt generally out of sorts.

I suddenly realised that I was bunged up!! I had been 'going' but tiny amounts. And presumed this was because of my lack of food intake.

So i had a read on here and thought "Ok, dulcolax it is!" Had two earlier on and suddenly at about 5pm I thought my stomach was going to explode... not to be graphic but they worked... but god did they make me have bad pain... I was sick as a pig too....
I didn't manage my last shake as I would have threw it up, but as this is a one off I am not worried...

I will remember now... water isnt just for hydration!! I will def up my water as don't want this again!!


Sorry if TMI... but maybe it might help someone else not go through it!!
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I was exactly the same on Dulcolax but find Senna much gentler but just as effective. Hope you feel better soon X


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i need to try stuff like this as i dont 'go' anymore....once every 3 days if i'm lucky and i dont like it that way!
I will get some senna now! :)
sorry you suffered Tilly - my friend does dulcolax but says one is more than plenty for the reasons you worte above. Senna may be gentler though from what people have said xxx


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Only just picked up the thread Tilly - sorry you have felt rough and hope it is just a one off!! YUK!! The things we have to suffer on our journey!!

Have a good day today and up that water!



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Hey Tilly.....
Big hugs hon . I didnt realise you were so bad last night.
I was such a moody cow felt shitty and the facebook chat was playing up.
Big hugs hope you feel better today and dont take that stuff again .


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Awww Tilly hun, that must have been horrible. At least you know senna will work better for you next time, so it won't happen again. I think if I get bunged up, I'll stick to Senakot and give Dulcolax a miss.

Oh and Curly, when ISN'T Facebook chat playing up??
I took senna and it didn't work, I then tried the stronger senna... nope didn't work. I tried dulcolax and it worked the same way as yours obviously did Tilly, so now I take one every 2 or three days and I dont get the pains or anything... I think 2 are just too much.
But isn't relying on laxatives dangerous??? I don't go as frequently either and I've had two children which ended up in many stitches so constipation for me is not good! (even if youngest is 9!) I try to drink my 2ltrs and drink tea and coffee, plus fibresure, but I produce nothing.... is it ok to take laxatives as often as 2x weekly??


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Hope you are feeling better tillyfloss. I've had problems this last week too, having been fine for most of the journey so far! Senna do not seem to work on me, so I shall be using the Ducolax Pearles (or whatever they are called) as SummerSkye swears by them! xxx
well this morning I felt much better, but I am still having awful cramps,, and still feel sick on and off:( I know i have a lot of adhesions due to abdominal suregry in the past...
So I am presuming that I have pulled my insides around a bit... Am struggling with the water just because I am struggling to get anything down.. I think i will go to bed with hot water bottle and paracetamol and just try to get it to pass.
Sennekot does this to me Its like giving myself an awful bout of food poisoning the tummy pains are vile! i find it usually clears up in few hours though... Its just a pain that CD does make us constipated but ill have to continue to use senna or i dont think id go as often as is healthy might just need to lower the dosage that might help you too??


Well, bearing in mind that on CD your bulk intake is reduced, thus transit time will be much slower, taking a laxative as a regular thing isn't healthy, especially bisacodyl/dulcolax. Senna much gentler, but please try a fibre supplement before relying on pro-kinetics.

Tilly - Glad thats cleared up (did you weigh about 3 stone lighter ? :D). I've been feeling a bit "heavy" but leaving it for a few days to see if it will work its way through on its own by tomorrow night.
hehe lexie... not 3 stone... but defintely 4lb as yesterday before the big explosion (sorry) I was def a pound up on last week!!! :)

I am now feeling a bit better... still kicks of a bit when I drink... am going to have my last 2 shakes warm to see if this helps a bit...

Does anyone use the CD fibre thingy??
This is awful reading girls, I struggle too! I was on th CD fibre89 but didn't do much! I have now ordered some physilium husk from healthspan which is cheaper but supposed to be gentle and very effective, I will let you all know how it goes when it comes!

I was under the impression that senna wasn't allowed, but you lot seem to know lots more than me, so maybe I am wrong.
Sorry to hear you're in pain! Have you tried Buscopan? they are excellent at stopping cramps of all kinds. Originally developed for IBS, I use them for period cramps, and when I get cystitis, my sister in law who's a nurse recommended them to me, and you can buy them over the counter. Hope you feel better soon!


The cramps should wear off Tilly, once the effect of the pro-kinetic dies down.

I wouldn't take anything on top of the laxative - even buscopan. Let it run its course, I'm afraid.
Hope you're feeling better now Tilly. I have never tried the Dulcolax-never wanted to as I've always had stomach problems and I wouldn't want to make things worse. I still swear by the linseeds-ever since I first had problems when I first started CD. After I'd had a 'clear out' they've been fine since. I use a spoonful of Fibre 89 in my soup every day, plus 1 tbsp of linseeds first thing in the morning. If I feel it's going to be a bit hard to go I take 3 Dulco Ease to soften it before. For the last couple of weeks I've managed to go every single day at least once, compared to about once a week if I was lucky when I first started.:eek:

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