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WHat a let down....

S: 20st2lb C: 18st9lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 1st7lb(7.45%)
God, i really do feel awful about this.

This is going to sound daft to you guys, but i need to get it off my chest, and maybe someone may be able to share some words of wisdom to help me out, maybe get something to click in my brain?!?

So, last night i went out with some friends. Decided that i could get away with using flexi Syns and jut cut back the rest of the week, so did just that. Had a skinfull of drink, then when i wanted to go home, went to the Pizza shop (I NEED to eat when i am drunk) and made a consious decision to go for a chicken Kebab, which apart from the pitta is syn free. Didnt eat the pitta, loved the chicken and was well impressed with myself, that i managed to stay under my decided Syns and eat a take away, and still get drunk.

So this morning i get up and drink water for england, then came the munchies. But instead of eating free or superfre food, i have eaten *****! Complete *****!! Its like i am trying to sabotage myself.... I am such a muppet, but its like i cant help myself....

If anyone can help me, please feel free to comment, but keep it constructive, not abusive.

Thank you
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Hi :)

Try not to worry too much, we are all only human and sometimes its just so hard to resist. My best tip is for the day after a few too many I make sure that bad food isnt within easy reach :)

Best to draw a line under it now and forget it, atleast your not under any illusion that you have been 'good' today and have realised now at 7pm that its time to stop. Just think you could have eaten more in the many hours left before bed and then felt even worse!

Try not to worry and you know even if you have a slight gain this week its only one week out of your whole time on plan and dont let it side track you from the goal insight xx
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Hi hun

i think this happens to alot of us - its happened to me for sure. You work really hard and your so proud for sticking to it all, and then you go and do something ten times worse the day after, and its like why? i might aswell ahd just had what i wanted before instead of trying to be good. you always feel as if youv thrown all that hard work away.
Well you havnt. Because you were so good, you ahve given yourself a head start on fixing todays mishap. instead of having two bad days, thats just double trouble!

You may not get a loss this week, but with some hard work you can get your head back o track and have a fab loss next week.

Dont beat yourself up about it..

p.s - sorry to add .. but kebab chicken is 5.5 syns..

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx


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I think we've all been there at some point, my only advice would be to draw a line under it and get back on plan straight away.

If you're going out drinking, and you know you're one of those types who likes having something to eat at the end of the night, do what I do - make extra at tea time to have when you get in, or have something prepared to bung in the microwave. Favourites of mine is SW chips with a bit of mayo, or cook some diced chicken with spices before I go out and nibble on them when I get in!

Another thing I do when I go out is drink a diet soft drink inbetween an alcoholic one - for me the fizz makes me bloated and I don't fancy more drink full stop, and makes my syns last longer too.


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Hi Hun, firstly, dont beat yourself up about it. There is nothing you can do about it, so just think of what a great night you had! I would just get straight back on it, even if that means eating lots of fruit or something now or tonight, you will feel like your back on plan. And try to forget it, its gone, at least you know you can cope on a night out. You may even still lose, so keep going. There have been times (not that i advocate doing so) that i have gone over my syns, but have gotten back on plan and surprised myself with a nice loss on the scales. Have a fab week xx

Lucky Cat

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There's something about the morning after the night before that makes you just want to eat n eat n eat n eat :8855:

It's one of the reasons I rarely drink these days. The older you get, the less you can deal with the hangovers and I have spent TOO many days scoffing my way through cheese n onion pasties and sandwiches trying to recover from a night of over indulgence the night before.

I can only echo what has been said above. Yes, you're going to be cross with yourself, that's only natural, but don't beat yourself up too much about it. It's just one day. What's done is done, forget about it and get back on the wagon :D


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Firstly draw a big line under it, we've all been the and got the t-shirt. What is important is that you have been honest with yourself ( and us ;) ) and now its time to dust yourself off and get back onto the plan.
Stop focusing on what you did wrong but how you get back on track and stay there.
Good luck

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