What a night!!!

....and not in a good way!

We moved into this house in April and as its a new build had to do a snagging list after about a month. Well as we're so rubbish at getting round to things like that we've only just done it - not problem - gave it to the site offfice on Tuesday and they were at my door yesterday to go over it.

One of the things was that the outside tap doesn't work - the site manager fiddled about with a grub screw under the sink and it worked.

There were a couple of other plumbing bits too and the plumber came yesterday did the stuff in the bathrooms and that was that.

My 9 year old went to get her bike out of the garage in the afternoon - put the light on and the bulb blew tripping all the lights in the house - i didn't change the bulb - just flipped the trip switch and that was that.

Until!! Woke up this morning about 3 am - didn't know why and then hear water i can only describe as gushing. I thought maybe it was the dishwasher on a delayed time setting so hub and i came down to check - it wasn't! We also noticed that although the lights worked all the sockets were off.

Nothing funny in any of the bathrooms or the kitchen and this gushing seemed to be coming from behind the kitchen wall which is the garage - opened the door and there was a louder gushing sound - couldn't see where from and the floor was covered in about 2 inches of water - water coming down all the walls and through the light fitting in the ceiling!

Started to panic - turned the grub screw under the sink that the guy had fiddled with earlier and it abated slightly and then turned off the mains.

Luckily most off our stuff ie photos etc is stored in plastic boxes with lids so at least they were safe.

I've had to stay off work today (losing money so not good) and after investigations it transpires there is a broken pipe in the garage ceiling which connects the outside tap to the sink - hence it only became a problem when the tap was put on.

I now have 3 holes in my garage ceiling and very soggy plasterboard all over it. A horrid smell, a ruined sewing machine, soggy paper supply, the Enid Blyton hardbacks that my mum has stored for me for 25 years that she only gave to me this weekend that i was going to seel on ebay - ruined, worst of all we had a mini keep box which was cardboard and a few cards and bits the girls had made are ruined :(

At least now my very long snagging list won't be questioned and will be attended to very promptly!!!!

C'est la vie! Sun is shining, family is healthy and i am going to indulgently paint my toenails whilst watching Sex and the City!
Awwwww, Hels - what a bummer, girlfriend!!!

At least you can put it into perspective and not sit and wail like a banshee - which is probably what I would be doing!!!